Morning chaps,

This is a small client patch to address an issue affecting android users on KitKat or lower not being able to enter the game due to a client crash. A library added in the last patch was leveraging a piece of API only introduced in Lollipop, so I have rolled that library back to 2014 which should address the issue.


Hey everyone!

A server patch has just gone live that adds special handling around server shutdowns. From now on when the server shuts down the following happens:

  • All active events are cancelled
  • New events cannot be activated during the shutdown
  • Players who activated the now cancelled events receive fresh scrolls back in their inventory

Even if there is only 1 minute left of an event, if a shutdown is triggered the player who activated that event will receive a fresh 1 hour scroll. I think this is more than fair and takes any bad feeling out of the whole process!

With this change, I can continue to deliver new updates in good conscience that nobody is losing out on their events – which is very important to me! I really want people to feel like they are looked after when it comes to anything involving real money.


Hey everyone,

Today’s client update is full of fixes around the Play Store integration. A small number of players have experienced an issue where they purchase a scroll but don’t receive it – I have reproduced this edge case and worked around it. In addition, the client now has patching support for updates like this where fixes need to go in but there is no need for a server update, you can tell if you are on a patch version as there will be a letter after the version number on the main menu.

The latest client is a patch, hence the version is followed by (a)
  • Fixes for various store related crashes
  • Rewrite of client-side purchase handling
  • Fix for edge case issue resulting in players not receiving their purchase
  • If you take too long to make a purchase and the client times out in the background, when you log back in the purchase will now automatically be redeemed
  • Client patch support for rolling client updates

If you have made a purchase and not received it due to this issue, fear not as any unredeemed purchases are automatically refunded after 3 days. If this is not good enough and you want your money back asap, raise it on the discord along with your order number and a moderator will forward it to me to be manually refunded.

Cheers everyone

Evening everyone!

It has been quite the 18 hours or so since the app store went live, the positivity shown by you guys and adoption of the new scrolls by the community has honestly blown me away. With that said, we saw some performance issues today with over 400 players online and there have been some client issues so I got home from work and have investigated and fixed everything I can tonight!

mmm biscots
  • Server database performance tweaks (no more dropping frames with 400+ players online)
  • Fix for event notifications showing incorrect percentages on login
  • Realm Store will now appear on slower devices
  • Fix for client crash on “redeem purchases” on some devices
  • Fix for “redeem purchases” not necessarily redeeming your purchases
  • Server side network performance tweaks, event batching for certain actions

Also as a side note, thanks to everyone who joined the Q&A voice session in discord last night, that was really great, it really made me happy to see so many people so interested and active in the community. I love you guys.


Hello everyone!

I am now working part-time, giving me one day a week to spend dedicated to Mirage. Over the new year I have met with business minded folks and spoken to my accountant, and they made it clear to me what my immediate priority had to be. I know it isn’t super fun stuff, but if I want to persue this game properly it has to start paying for itself – and for it to do that there needs to be a way for you guys to buy stuff. The first update of January is here, and it brings in-app purchases to android devices.

Just to re-state something that is extremely important to me – mirage does not, and never will, have anything even remotely resembling pay to win. The scrolls activate realm-wide buffs that everyone online benefits from. No scrolls that offer personal benefits will ever be added, I absolutely hate that shit.

You can now buy scrolls!

The main bulk of the scrolls trigger realm-wide events for everyone playing, and are priced at £2 each. A major content update will be released next week, with parties and spells coming in the following updates (in that order).

It is important to note, spending real money in Mirage in no way buys players any leniency with the moderation team, they have been instructed to carry on as normal (regardless of how much someone has spent, or what unused scrolls they have) – so please, make sure you know the rules 🙂

Full patch notes:

  • Fix for small cap items (0.1, 0.25) causing client crashes at max cap
  • Scroll store is now live on android devices
  • Food now has sounds
  • Biscots
  • Various small fixes
  • Cooldown removed from food