This update brings a number of quality of life changes, as well as numerous code and content fixes.

Content Changes

  • Wasps map is now PVP
  • Slugs map is now PVP
  • Removal of blocked tiles in deeper Orcs
  • Tree and rock on Orcs map fixed
  • Troll Warlords have reinforced deeper Troll Castle
  • Collision detection on Firewyrms rocks
  • Materials are now 50% more likely to drop from monsters

Bugs Fixed

  • Trading more than 20k of something resulting in a kick
  • Adding a friend with just 3 spaces resulting in a kick
  • Failed player pushes not being correctly handled server side, resulting in rubber banding on the client
  • Removing friends from the friends list no longer leaves big gaps
  • Slimespitter drop rates fixed


  • Desktop client now shows an error dialog if there is an issue starting up
  • The server now soft-kicks players on error / unexpected packet
  • Keyboard support greatly improved accross all screens inside and out of game
  • Stack size selection now supports typing the number you want
  • Items are now sorted based on player needs rather than arbitrarily
  • Golden loot bags now light up in the dark
  • Monster abilities now have cooldowns

About the Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Escape can be used to go back from every screen in the game that has a cancel / back button
  • Enter can be used to submit on every screen in the game that has a submit / ok button (trading, buying, looting, depositing, withdrawing, logging in… etc)
  • The out-of-game menu is entirely navigable using the keyboard, you can select Characters, vocation, gender etc using the arrow keys or tab
  • Shops and the bank are mostly keyboard navigable, use tab to switch between tabs – support for arrow keys to navigate the items coming soon
  • The item stack size selector can now be modified using A and D, as well as the left and right arrow keys
  • The item stack size selector now supports typing in the amount you wish to select. If you type the wrong thing, just press backspace or enter more than you have, it will reset each time it hits the max value

These are really for the PC players, and make it much easier to surf around the UI without having to move your mouse to press buttons.

There is still one more quality of life patch to come before focus shifts to the next feature version, which will be the addition of a Party system. Generally releases will now operate on a cycle of feature release, then quality of life release. This allows me to add new big features to the game, but also gives me time to hoover up all the bits that fell off in the process.


This is an optional patch that reduces the level requirement on most gates in the game, as well as tweaks the difficulty & loot of some of the highest level monsters.

Gates Adjusted

  • Spiders – level 3
  • Fire Wyrms – level 8
  • Slimes – level 10
  • Felwalkers – level 15
  • Imps – level 25
  • Inferno – level 35
  • Giant Slugs – level 35
  • Ice Slimes – level 45
  • Behemoths – level 55
  • Abyss – level 65
  • Orcs – level 75
  • Outlaws – level 85

Other Changes

  • Giant Wasp sprite shadow fixed
  • EXP and strength of level 75+ monsters adjusted
  • Drop rates of some items on level 75+ monsters adjusted
  • Respawn rates of high level monsters adjusted

Heroes, Necromancers and Sorcerers

  • Stronger
  • Loot pool expanded
  • Drop rates adjusted


Hello everyone!

This is the largest content update the game has ever received, and it is now live. Thank you very much to everyone who helped out with testing, there are so many changes it’s easier to just summarise.

Starting to look like an actual game!
  • New bag sprites, these will likely change again as they are… large
  • Italian and Dutch chats added
  • Healing runes have projectile effects
  • Core engine change to separately track players and NPCs when performing collision checks
  • You can no longer walk on top of NPCs in town
  • Maximum walking speed limit removed
  • Player movement speed increase per level reduced
  • Base walking speed is now equivilant to a level 30 player previously
  • Extended UI font to allow for cross language discussion (accents on letters, russian, etc) – some of these symbols don’t yet work with the in-realm font, this will be fixed in the future
  • Textboxes in the UI are a new widget specially written to support the new extended font
  • New player names can only contain letters and spaces
  • A number of new monster abilities have been implemented
  • The engine now supports stitching large zones together in an offset way
  • Many new food items added
  • Food drops added to many monsters
  • Beer
  • Weapons and armour now sell to shops for twice as much
  • Currency drops doubled for all monsters up to level 40
  • High level monsters have been rebalanced / weakened where necessary
  • New level 40, 80, 90, and 100 areas added
  • Many new monsters added
  • Many new items added
  • Significant overhaul of the world map, with old zones being reworked and new zones added
  • Abyss castle has opened it’s gates
  • Boss monsters now reward everyone involved in the fight
  • There is a surprise behind a level 125 gate in abyss that will reward everyone who hits it… I recommend taking a lot of people
  • Many monsters tweaked / reworked and rebalanced
  • A lot of map fixes, far too many to try and list
  • Where large safe zones exist on maps, we have tried to make it somewhat visually obvious
  • Char has significantly lowered the cost of healing runes to make them a viable alternative to potions and encourage mages healing other players when hunting
  • Char has halved the cost of her damaging spell runes

I’m sure there’s things I have forgotten, this is such a big change. There is something in here for everyone so I hope you all enjoy it. As always please report any issues in the discord 🙂

Update: The APK is now available for download directly from the website. Google are now stating that updates may take up to 7 days to roll out from the play store… obviously that is absolutely ridiculous and pretty much kills this project – so for now, if you know how to do it, you can install the APK maually instead of waiting.