PC / Mac / Linux Client

If you want to play Mirage on your home computer, good news – you can! This client is experimental and basically a modified version of the Android client with some quality of life improvements for use on a computer. This client allows you to play with everyone else regardless of if they are using a phone or a PC – cool huh?! The only downside is we don’t yet have native builds for different platforms, so you’ll be running a Java file.


The client jar

Minimum requirements

In order to use this client you will need a few things:

  • Windows,  OSX (Mac) or Linux
  • The latest version of Java 8 (Download)
  • A graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.0

How to run the client?

For most people it will just be a case of double clicking Mirage.jar and it will open as you would expect, Some users have been having a lot of difficulty getting the client to run however, and if you double click the file and it opens as a folder with WinRAR or worse nothing happens at all, see here for instructions. If it just opens and immediately closes, this is likely an issue with OpenGL 2.0 support on your machine so first check your graphics card supports it, then update your drivers. I won’t be releasing a client that supports lower than OpenGL 2.0 for technical limitation reasons, sorry.


  • Main game screen
    • Space bar: Open the chat view
    • Enter: Send a message directly to map chat
    • Numbers / Numpad: Item hotkeys
  • Chat screen
    • Numbers / Numpad: Switch between chat tabs in order
    • Enter: Type message / send message
  • Loot screen
    • Enter: Pick up selected items
  • General
    • Escape: Back

That’s it! If you find any issues with the client please report them in the discord, this is very early days for our cross-platform play so there will likely be problems! The download is simply a Jar file at this point to keep things simple. If you have Java installed it should just be a case of double clicking the file and it will run like any other program normally would.