Me again!

Some more quality of life improvements 🙂

Spell words and tidying the menu icons right to the edge of the screen!
  • Menu icons are now anchored to the edge of the screen
  • Players now indicate they have drank a potion
  • Players now say a spell when they use a rune
  • Runes now display their spell words in the inventory
  • Small fix for sticky emotes


Edit: Version 0.5.5 has been released to address a client crash condition

Hey everyone,

Just a small update to address some things leading up to Christmas.

The UI has been tweaked on all platforms
  • Phone hotkeys UI reworked
  • UI a bit more squidged together
  • Fixes for menu UIs sometimes not orienting correctly
  • Potions and friendly runes trigger each other’s base cooldowns
  • Rune magic levels tweaked
  • Mana potions are now a sensible cost


Hello everyone!

It’s been some time since the game received any real gameplay changes, and with spells just around the corner now is a perfect opportunity to pre-test some of the things I have been working on.

More hotkey slots have been added so mages can easily use different runes
  • Spell engine implemented
  • Runes added to the game that can trigger spell effects
  • New hotkey slots added
  • New UI to manage hotkeys added
  • Charlotte is selling runes (at expensive prices) for testing purposes
  • Fix for purchasing too much cheese crashing the client
  • Bank items now stack correctly across characters (withdraw and re-deposit to fix existing split stacks)
  • Passive abilities have been removed for all vocations

Runes are consumable items that use the new spell system to activate effects. You can hit monsters and players with them, and they require a certain magic level to cast (all classes will be able to level magic when the spells update lands).

There is a new UI for managing your on-screen hotkeys

In the future they will not be purchasable from the store, they will be purely player crafted! They are in store now to give everyone a chance to test the spell engine for me leading up to the spells update. When the spell update is launched, all existing runes in the game will be deleted so don’t stock up too much before Christmas!

All of the runes available have basic attack / heal effects, and it is worth mentioning that healing runes can be used on other players! If you have a player targeted and you are not attacking them, casting a healing rune will heal them – otherwise it will heal you. Simples.

I look forward to seeing you guys go nuts with this in-game and will continue to work on the spell and party system leading up to Christmas. See you soon!


Edit: A small client patch has been released that fixes a UI issue with the hotkeys laying out incorrectly in horizontal mode.

Edit 2: Server patch is now live for a bug that meant you couldn’t heal yourself with a rune after a friendly targeted player died, it was due to an issue that must have been in the game for a very long time (people passively targeting players did not have their target cleared if that player died).


Today’s update is mostly me getting the dev tools and release pipeline up to date with all of the weird and wonderful roadblocks google has put in the way since the last update.

People still play! Omg!
  • Updated tools so I can release updates to the play store again
  • Nourishment no longer decreases in safe zones
  • You can no longer train with monsters who are 100% resistant to you
  • Fix for email verification sending out null codes
  • Small bits and pieces
  • HotFix: for crash on login on Android

Keep your eyes peeled for some spontanious changes as we get closer to Christmas. Peace 🙂


Hello everyone,

Now the combat and skull systems are working it was pretty easy for me to add an arena to the game. It is accessible via the bridge east of town to everyone over level 15.

I imagine a lot of people are going to die here

The arena has a few rules:

  • PVP skull system rules apply
  • Skills do not advance in the arena

I might make it so things like potions and ammunition are not consumed when on an Arena map – not sure about that yet though.


Hi everyone!

Something that has been a major problem in a number of different ways over time has been the combat system. There are a few key things that have been on my mind for a long time here:

  • Players being able to block areas by targeting a monster that they can’t hit, flagging them for combat so they can’t be pushed
  • The skull system not working correctly with yellow skulls, it was possible to hit someone and un target them quickly, then when they hit you back they would get yellow skulled
The changes are already live!

Now, in order to address this I had to completely rip out and rewrite how the server handles flagging people for combat and tracking who hit who. Today I have gone in with a sledge hammer and I think I have managed to rewrite this entire system and get everything we want. Previously combat status was intrinsically linked to the target system, and pve / pvp combat flags were all managed by the same cooldown.

Now combat status is triggered by actually hitting something, and pve / pvp cooldowns are handled completely separately. The one exception to this is monsters, if they are chasing you they will continuously flag you as in combat – this just felt right. With these changes the PVP skull system now also just… actually works, or at least I have been unable to find any case where it doesn’t work testing it with some volunteers ingame. So, here is how combat now works:

  • Hitting, or being hit by anything will flag you as in-combat
  • Monsters chasing you will flag you as in-combat

Nice and simple. This fixes the issue with being unable to push players and is nice and easy to understand. Also, as far as PVP goes:

  • If a player hits someone unprovoked, they receive a white skull. White skulled players cannot enter a safe zone.
  • If a player has no PVP status and is hit by a white skull player, they can fight back and will receive no skull. As they have no skull, they can still enter safe zones, even if they have defended themselves.
  • If a player hits a white skulled player who has not hit them first, they will receive a yellow skull that can only be seen by themselves and the player they have hit. Yellow skulled players cannot enter a safe zone.

Simple. The cooldown for pve and pvp combat timers are managed separately, so you can stop fighting players and continue to fight monsters and you will lose your skull even though you are still in combat. The pvp combat timer is reset every time you attack a player, or are attacked by another player. Killing another player gives you a 2 and a half minute pvp combat cooldown, hitting another player just gives you the standard 30 seconds, the same as hitting monsters.

These changes are now live, please report any and all bugs on the discord!

Hello everyone,

The focus at the moment is really on server-side stability, performance, and engine architecture. As such, it occurred to me we didn’t have an official bug tracker where you can see what bugs I am aware of and their current status. You can find a link at the top of the website!

Also, today a few bug fixes went live as a critical game-breaking issue was found and reported last week. The following are now fixed:

  • Critical edge-case server issue that could result in “invisible” players
  • Reconnecting quickly while dying / changing zones could result in the client failing to load into the game completely resulting in a frozen “black screen”
  • Items with an uneven amount of stat points would never drop the top level of secondary stats available. Monsters have been scamming you all
  • Death messages should now always appear for everyone
  • It should now be impossible to time a reconnect perfectly as you die and not actually die
  • Unread whisper message count now correctly renders over the player sprite
  • Advancement messages now also show to the player who advanced
  • Very slight performance improvement to lighting render loop

That’s all for now! As always, if you find any issues and they aren’t in the bug tracker please report them on the discord.


Small update to address a few bugs and make some quality of life tweaks. Nothing major I’m afraid, but I felt this was necessary as there were a couple of nasty live bugs and I’ve been doing a lot of code restructuring on the server so wanted to get this out to make sure I haven’t broken anything further.

Where’s this then?
  • Various map tweaks and fixes, the start of the game is now illuminated with torches for example.
  • Behemoth map extended
  • New Revenant map added
  • Pushing players animates correctly again
  • Possible fix for an edge case bug when switching maps in combat and connecting in from another device
  • The bum can now stand on his box
  • Lots of server side housekeeping

See you in-game,

Hello everyone,

It’s been a little while since the last update – I had quite a lot going on in real life and also I think I needed a little bit of a break from the project so I figured things would be alright for a little while until the gofundme neared the end of it’s run.

I have been spending some time going through the server engine code, reworking it and taking a critical look at how it is working, and today I deployed some architectural changes to the server that have eliminated the primary source of server-side frame skipping (you guys would see it as lag) tied directly to how many people are online, logging in or logging out at a given moment. In addition, I had a brainwave and have made some changes to how the lighting engine works on the client. You should see:

  • No more lag when hundreds of players log in / out at once (i.e. after a server restart)
  • No more lag when there are 500+ players online
  • Much smoother performance in general when you are on a map with a lot of other players
  • If you had low FPS in abyss and other maps with lots of light sources (lava), you should now have much better performance

I have identified another reasonably heavy architecture change that will speed things up even further, though this is going to take me a while to deliver. This is all of course still running on the original server hardware, I am going to be ordering the new machine tomorrow which will again significantly increase performance.

To celebrate this purchase I have activated 5 days of events. Egon has kindly expanded some of the hunting zones so everyone isn’t quite as squished, I am testing these now and will be releasing them during the week.

Thanks everyone!

Hey everyone,

I have been toying with a new sort of “fun” little tweak to monsters today and I thought I’d release it and see what you all thought of it. It’s something that has been asked for by everyone for a long time and although it isn’t on the roadmap I figured what the hell and use it as an excuse to promote the new server gofundme at the same time 😉

You spammed for them, here they are

  • Every monster in the game can now spawn as a boss
  • Bosses are extremely rare, and will not happen frequently
  • Bosses guarantee a high currency drop
  • Bosses guarantee an equipment drop from the loot pool of the monster
  • If the equipment drop is for your vocation, it will have max stats and be soulbound
  • Bosses have double stats, but double the experience

There are multiple bosses for each monster so you’ll see some funny names I’m sure. At the very least, this should add a bit of flavour to the game and be a nice chance to get a perfect roll on a piece of equipment.