Hey everyone,

You can find the donate button in the menu šŸ™‚

It is with great anxiety I announce a new feature that has just gone live that tracks paypal donations and automatically triggers realm events based on rolling thresholds. These are standard realm events that benefit everyone, and at the moment there are only two automatic events:

  • 150% experience points
  • Double skill points

This is a crazy idea but hey, if it brings in the donations then I will add a lot more events such as boss spawns, potions being twice as effective, drop rate bonuses etc. Everything stacks too, so this could be really sweet if it takes off.

A “situation” in the PVP arena…

You can read all about the rewards and donate via the new button in game or here on the website via the link on the header. Check it out!

In other news, I borked the APK deployment to the Play Store again because its late so if you update and it is crashing, check the store and update again. My bad >.<

All the best everyone,


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Hey everyone,

Those of you who follow the project closely may be aware my living circumstances have been…Ā sub-optimal since the start of this project, and as a result developing the game has been to put it mildly… somewhat challenging. Well, I am working hard to resolve this and a lot of my time and effort right now is going into purchasing a house (I say purchasing, what I really mean is the bank is buying it for me and I’ll be paying them back for the next 25 years) and as such development has slowed to a crawl this week.

It is unlikely there will be any updates deployed over the next few weeks due to these circumstances, however should I be successful in my quest to acquire a roof over my head then development should speed up massively. I’ll have access to both a computer and a desk (on the luxury!), both of which are quite useful when trying to create a computer game šŸ™‚


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Hello everyone,

This update fixes some issues surrounding the PVP implementation and makes more areas PVP enabled to make things a bit more interesting.

  • Fix for targeting while moving
  • Fix for not being able to target attack a player if you already have another target
  • PVPĀ attack is now double tap instead of long-press
  • Long press now exclusively loots bags under other players / monsters
  • Fix for short skull time if you kill a player
  • New PVP zones:
    • Slime forest
    • Deeper Widow cave
    • Felwalkers
    • Inside Cyclopse plateau
    • Deepest Water Wyrm cave
    • Imp volcano

It is worth noting the patches that occurred last night as they are changes that are otherwise unlisted.

  • Mages and Rangers do full damage even when stood next to players (PVP only)
  • Knights do not throw knives at distance as it was preventing them from hitting their hardest (PVP only)

I’m sure there will be many more tweaks to come but this is a good start. Its interesting to already see little wars and guild arguments developing over hunting zones that are PVP enabled… suddenly it is very beneficial to form friendships and be part of a guild if you want to hunt effectively in the harder zones. I look forward to seeing how this pans out over the coming months, though I feelĀ Guilds may now be needed sooner rather than later šŸ˜‰

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Hey everyone,

So for those of you who haven’t been in game for a while the server has now been successfully migrated and Mirage now has high score lists for all skills as well as a bank for you to store your items and transfer them between characters šŸ™‚ But that was last weekend, and I have been working my ass off since then! What is new?

PVP carnage under the town

The game now has a basic PVP system. Certain zones (at the time of writing just Hell and a special fun zone underneath the town) are flagged as PVP arenas, and in them you can kill each other. To start attacking a player simply hold your finger / mouse down on them instead of tapping them and the game will realise you are being aggressive and attack them. Beware however, attacking a player who isn’t skulled will result in you receiving a skull icon and being locked out of safe zones! If this happens, the only way to lose it is to avoid all combat for 60 seconds. Attacking a skulled player does not skull you or lock you out of a safe zone.

Here’s a full list of the changes that went live today:

  • Long press to loot bags underneath players / monsters
  • NPCs no longer spawn on top of players
  • Plus and minus buttons for the stack slider
  • The account name system is now an email address system
  • Email verification implemented
  • New “PVP” map type (added to hell and a new arena under town)
  • New “Town” map type that lets you walk on other players
  • Long-press to attack / stop attacking a targeted player
  • Combat cooldown timer increased to 1 minute for pvp flagged players
  • Skull icon added for pvp flagged players (thanks Mombi!)
  • Show an icon if a map is PVP or Town
  • PVP flagged players cannot enter safe zones or logout
  • Added /time command to show the server time
  • Map chat title now reflects the type of zone you are in
  • Various fixes for the ban and mute commands

There are bound to be all sorts of weird and wonderful issues but we had to start somewhere;)

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Hello everyone,

As a lot of you will likely know, in January I asked for some help purchasing a serverĀ as Mirage had outgrown it’sĀ bedroom project roots and needed a serious hosting platform. We met the goal thanks to all of you wonderful people in the community and as promised the new machine has been built and I have signed a contract to have it hosted at a data centre close to London for the next year.

The new server šŸ™‚

I have spent this weekend working on configuring it ready for deployment and will be arranging to put it into the data centre this week. I will then run a series of tests over the following week checking security, stability and performance before finally migrating the world over to it. So what can you expect?

  • No more kicks / router crashes
  • Significantly improved pings
  • Support for a significantly greater number of simultaneous online players
  • 1337% faster response time from me on server issues

I will notify playersĀ ahead of time on Twitter, Facebook and the Forums when the migration will be taking place, and I expect the migration will take aroundĀ 12 hours. This update will not include any new features or changes in-game to keep the risk of issues to an absolute minimum.


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Hey everyone,

So the great community exp share saga 2017 continues, and I have moved to a much simpler system. Now you will get 10% less experience for a kill for each extra person that hits it, down to a maximum of 50%. If you combine this with all of the monsters experience points being doubled last patch, it means group hunts of 5+ players now reward the same exp they did before the patch, and soloers have been buffed really nicely.

The new Harbinger AOE is pretty fun to watch

This puts us in a great place, and I hope it helps some of you who have been going *crazy* at me understand that as I try new things and tweak them, they might be broken and poorly received intially but I willĀ always fix it and make it fair. You have to trust me, this is an alpha.


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Hey everyone, this patch fixes the following:

  • Experience distribution was broken and as soon as 3 people hit a monster it was distributing EXP as if 8 people had hit it!
  • Defense and attack training was too difficult, I have made it much easier
  • Rolled back the changes to Ranger and Mage defense
  • Exp required for skill points is now multiplied like this (where 1 is normal, higher is more required, lower is less):
    • Knights
      • Melee: 1.2
      • Defence: 0.8
    • Mages
      • Magic: 0.8
      • Defence: 1.2
    • Rangers
      • Distance: 1
      • Defence: 1
  • Monsters that use spells now don’t hit their primary target twice

This can be considered anĀ emergency patch and addresses the primary issues everyone has raised since yesterdays update. I can’t believe that EXP bug made it in but hey, you developer is garbage! Please remember this is Alpha and you guysĀ are the testers! Also keep in mind if something sucks and everyone hates it, it will change, but we have to let it settle a bit first so give it a chance.

Edit:Ā A patch has been released that fixes an issue that was causing peoples skill % bars to display incorrectly. If your skill bars are displaying over 100%, check the app store or re-download the PC client.


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Hello everyoneĀ its that time again! Lets look at the major changes to the game in this version.

You can now ignore players

Ignore Players

We all get frustrated with players spamming us or swearing their heads off when there are no moderators around. You can now ignore players through the player details screen, this will last until you log out.

Scam Prevention

Accepting a trade is now a two-stage process, you hit the “Accept Trade” button then it goes yellow and counts down for 3 seconds to force you to look at what you are actually accepting, if you are still happy to accept the trade you can then hit the button again to confirm. In addition, the items you are being traded are now selected for display by default (instead of selecting the first item you yourself are trading), this increased visibility and forced thinking period should help reduce the amount of people being duped.

Experience Rework

All monsters in the game now reward double experience, and group-hunt experience is now distributed more fairly. This new system has been designed so smaller group hunts are now much more viable, but very large groups will still be better (just not 15-20x better as they were previously). Think of it simply like this, the number of experience points you get for a kill is (that monsters exp / the number of players who have hit it) * 2. A quick and easy example is 3 players attack a monster, it normally gives 90 experience so (90 / 3) * 2 = 60 experience points. You have gained 2/3rds of the exp but killed it in 1/3 of the time compared to if you were by yourself.

Monsters Balanced

Defence was rewritten in the last update and its awesome… a bitĀ tooĀ awesome. To bring the monsters back up to scratch a full rebalance has been performed on every creature in the game, a few items have changed too to make them a bit stronger to compensate.

Rewritten Skill Training System

The skill training system has been rewritten from the ground up, it is a brand new formula that takes into accounts misses, blocks, damage dealt etc. I think you guys are going to love it.

Mages and Ranger Defence

Now that defence is so powerful it seems a bit silly that a Mage can get strong enough to tank as well as a Knight. Mages defence skill now rises 1/3 as quickly as Knights, and Rangers rises 2/3 as a quickly as Knights. Your existing skill experience will be recalculated in the future to compensate for this change.

Anti-luring AI

Monsters are now much friendlier than they used to be. If a Monster loses their target for any reason (it dies, gets safe, whatever), rather than immediately start kicking the crap out of the nearest player they will insteadĀ quite literally raise a white flag and retreat to their spawn points. Hitting or blocking the path of a monster that is retreating will make it attack you. Next time someone lures 50 monsters to your group as long as you don’t attack them you will be totally safe.

We surrender!

Ranged AI

Ranged monsters have realised charging at your face when they can attack you from 4 squares away is a little silly and through months of intense training they have finally learned to keep their distance. They have been instructed never to retreat however (as they are too proud… and also because it makes the game too hard for knights), so you can still run up and kick their teeth in.

Map Updates

Several maps have been added, existing maps have been changed and areas have been balanced. This is not the “major content update”, it just introduces some more hunting zones so people have options and also have places to go and hunt if the classic zones are overwhelmed by huge groups. There are two new Water Wyrm zones and a new Troll training map connecting the cave south of town to the Troll ruins underground.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Fix the respawn point for the training Troll cave
  • Make crits display differently to normal hits
  • Clicking on whispers now goes directly to private chat
  • Fix for mutes not taking affect immediately
  • Fix for closing a chat clearing map chat notifications
  • Desktop client fix for pressing enter to directly map chat not clearing map chat notifications
  • Desktop client now supports Java 6
  • Desktop client can now run on Software OpenGL on ancient PCs
  • Harbingers have learned some magic.

This update changes a great many core systems and may be a bumpy ride at the start while everyone adjusts. Rest assured we will continue to balance and tweak things as a community going forwards as we always have, and I will be eagerly reading all feedback on the forums and in game as I get a feel for how these affect everyone’s game experience. All the best everyone,


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