Version 0.3.95 Release - PATCHED, HOTFIXED

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Version 0.3.95 Release - PATCHED, HOTFIXED

Postby Liam » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:02 pm

Hey everyone,

This release introduces quite a few little gameplay changes. This is bound to be imbalanced and broken and lots of rage shall surely come my way but the CMs pushed me for it and I figured its time to test the waters with it so here we are - PVP 1.0. Maps now have zone types and two new ones have been introduced, towns and pvp zones. In towns you can stack on other players and walk over each other regardless of if you are safe or not to make life a bit easier, in pvp zones you can kill other players.

Targeting players works as normal with a single tap you won't attack them, hold down a press on them for half a second however and you will turn aggressive, earning yourself a skull and locking yourself out of safe zones. You must stay out of all combat for 60 seconds to lose your skull. Attacking skulled players does not give you a skull, and does not lock you out of safe zones. This is very basic, but there was actually a significant amount of work to put this in so one step at a time.

As well as the obvious big headline change of PVP there are some quality of life improvements, one example is if you long-press on a square that has people on it outside of a pvp zone it will open any loot bags there so this should bring an end to the "MOVE OFF MAH LOOT IDIOT" nonsense.

Anyway, here's the full list of changes:
  • Long press to loot bags underneath players / monsters
  • NPCs no longer spawn on top of players
  • Plus and minus buttons for the stack slider
  • The account name system is now an email address system
  • Email verification implemented
  • New "PVP" map type (added to hell and a new arena under town)
  • New "Town" map type that lets you walk on other players
  • Long-press to attack / stop attacking a targeted player
  • Combat cooldown timer increased to 1 minute for pvp flagged players
  • Skull icon added for pvp flagged players (thanks Mombi!)
  • Show an icon if a map is PVP or Town
  • PVP flagged players cannot enter safe zones or logout
  • Added /time command to show the server time
  • Map chat title now reflects the type of zone you are in
  • Various fixes for the ban and mute commands
The server will be down for up to an hour while I sort this out as it requires some configuration changes to the firewall so the new email verification system can work. This is currently using my webhosts mail server which severely limits the number of mails I can send in a day so if you don't get your verification email don't sweat it, just request it again another time (the in-game commands explain how). The "I have lost my password" part of this system has not yet been implemented and will come as part of the next update.

An exhausted,

Edit: I have released a patch that allows you to aggressively target moving players, if you are running the PC client you will need to re-download it. The android update should be pushing out soon. Sorry about that.

Edit 2: The server has been hotfixed to allow mages and rangers to do full damage when stood next to players they are attacking that aren't attacking them, and to stop Knights throwing knives at players because it was really hurting their ability to deal damage. PVE is unaffected by these changes.
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Re: Version 0.3.95 Release

Postby Lexzeyfer » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:08 pm

Bravo! Everyone rejoice and thank Liam for his great work!
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Re: Version 0.3.95 Release

Postby Vevrok » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:09 pm

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Re: Version 0.3.95 Release

Postby Viduus » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:11 pm

Sounds exhausting. But should be fun. Looking forward to it. Ty Liam. Go get some rest
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Re: Version 0.3.95 Release

Postby C__ » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:17 pm

Oh Snapsicles!! Yay (though high level players will probs destroy everyone)

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Re: Version 0.3.95 Release

Postby Ikironex » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:19 pm

So the game crashes when I open it. I'm on a galaxy 7 active. This only happened immediately after I updated

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Re: Version 0.3.95 Release

Postby Punishi » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:21 pm

After I updated it in the play store is not working.
Android platform

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Re: Version 0.3.95 Release

Postby Antiplate » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:25 pm


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Re: Version 0.3.95 Release

Postby Hyona » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:28 pm

Thank you Mombi! You're greatest man! 8-)

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Re: Version 0.3.95 Release

Postby Pockets » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:37 pm

Just updated and can't get in yet. Uggghh. I want in noww

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