Welcome to Mirage Realms

The Indie 2D MMORPG

Choose your playstyle

Four distinct classes


High defence and hitpoints make you a difficult target to bring down. Choose between swords, clubs, shields and two handed axes.


Consistent ranged damage and good survivability makes you an excellent addition to any party. You are a master of the bow.


Low health but high ranged damage makes you a real glass cannon. Runes allow you to do massive bursts of damage. You wield the elements.


Powerful support healing spells make you a great asset to any team. Runes allow you to deal sustained nature damage and heal allies.

A classic MMORPG experience

Progress with others, get sweet loot


No Level Cap

Take your character as far as you want with no level cap. Compete with players around the world for your place in the high scores.


Group Up For Harder Challenges

Make friends and join groups of players to take down harder monsters, wage war on others or build alliances. Experience real interactions with real people.


Collect Dynamic Loot

Loot hundreds of unique items with dynamically rolled stats, trade with other players and hunt all kinds of monsters to get the perfect gear.

Independently developed in the UK

A small but mighty project

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Super Serious Testimonials

What The players say...

"My life used to be ordinary and boring before I started playing Mirage. Now, my life is still boring, but at least I have this really cool game to play while attending my responsibilities."
Level 108 Knight
"The best feature of Mirage is the community, I've been playing for almost 4 years and have met tons of awesome people during that time. It really means a lot to me personally, and I don't see myself quitting anytime soon."
Level 112 Mage
"Knights are important for tanking mobs with their high HP and armour, Mages are very useful in PVP with their burst damage and with their runes to heal others. Rangers are also a class =)"
Level 78 Ranger

Cross platform

Unique game clients for Mobile and pC

And best of all Mirage Realms is 100% FREE TO PLAY!

Check it out 🙂

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