Month: February 2017

Impending server upgrade

Hello everyone, As a lot of you will likely know, in January I asked for some help purchasing a server as Mirage had outgrown it’s bedroom project roots and needed a serious hosting platform. We met the goal thanks to all of you wonderful people in the community and as promised the new machine has been built and I have signed a contract to have it hosted at a data centre close to London for the next year. The new server 🙂 I have spent this weekend working on configuring it ready for deployment and will be arranging to put it into[…]

EXP System 3.0 Released

Hey everyone, So the great community exp share saga 2017 continues, and I have moved to a much simpler system. Now you will get 10% less experience for a kill for each extra person that hits it, down to a maximum of 50%. If you combine this with all of the monsters experience points being doubled last patch, it means group hunts of 5+ players now reward the same exp they did before the patch, and soloers have been buffed really nicely. The new Harbinger AOE is pretty fun to watch This puts us in a great place, and I[…]

Patch 0.3.85 Released!

Hey everyone, this patch fixes the following: Experience distribution was broken and as soon as 3 people hit a monster it was distributing EXP as if 8 people had hit it! Defense and attack training was too difficult, I have made it much easier Rolled back the changes to Ranger and Mage defense Exp required for skill points is now multiplied like this (where 1 is normal, higher is more required, lower is less): Knights Melee: 1.2 Defence: 0.8 Mages Magic: 0.8 Defence: 1.2 Rangers Distance: 1 Defence: 1 Monsters that use spells now don’t hit their primary target twice[…]

Version 0.3.81 released!

Hello everyone its that time again! Lets look at the major changes to the game in this version. You can now ignore players Ignore Players We all get frustrated with players spamming us or swearing their heads off when there are no moderators around. You can now ignore players through the player details screen, this will last until you log out. Scam Prevention Accepting a trade is now a two-stage process, you hit the “Accept Trade” button then it goes yellow and counts down for 3 seconds to force you to look at what you are actually accepting, if you are[…]

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