Month: March 2017


Hey everyone, You can find the donate button in the menu 🙂 It is with great anxiety I announce a new feature that has just gone live that tracks paypal donations and automatically triggers realm events based on rolling thresholds. These are standard realm events that benefit everyone, and at the moment there are only two automatic events: 150% experience points Double skill points This is a crazy idea but hey, if it brings in the donations then I will add a lot more events such as boss spawns, potions being twice as effective, drop rate bonuses etc. Everything stacks[…]

Small development break

Hey everyone, Those of you who follow the project closely may be aware my living circumstances have been… sub-optimal since the start of this project, and as a result developing the game has been to put it mildly… somewhat challenging. Well, I am working hard to resolve this and a lot of my time and effort right now is going into purchasing a house (I say purchasing, what I really mean is the bank is buying it for me and I’ll be paying them back for the next 25 years) and as such development has slowed to a crawl this week.[…]

Patch 0.3.98

Hello everyone, This update fixes some issues surrounding the PVP implementation and makes more areas PVP enabled to make things a bit more interesting. Fix for targeting while moving Fix for not being able to target attack a player if you already have another target PVP attack is now double tap instead of long-press Long press now exclusively loots bags under other players / monsters Fix for short skull time if you kill a player New PVP zones: Slime forest Deeper Widow cave Felwalkers Inside Cyclopse plateau Deepest Water Wyrm cave Imp volcano It is worth noting the patches that occurred[…]

PVP Released

Hey everyone, So for those of you who haven’t been in game for a while the server has now been successfully migrated and Mirage now has high score lists for all skills as well as a bank for you to store your items and transfer them between characters 🙂 But that was last weekend, and I have been working my ass off since then! What is new? PVP carnage under the town The game now has a basic PVP system. Certain zones (at the time of writing just Hell and a special fun zone underneath the town) are flagged as[…]

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