Month: June 2017

Version 0.3.120 released

Dear players, A mid-week patch has just been deployed that addresses a number of bugs and performance issues that I felt couldn’t wait until the weekend. The performance issues in the new zone should have been addressed. You can now change your password in the “My Account” section Elite weapons have been buffed up to 15% damage after the 10% regression Critical bug fix for player entities being left in-game if you disconnect in combat then die Critical bug fix for players experiencing client freezes and weirdness on Android Various overdue stability fixes server side Behemoth zone performance improvements Removal[…]

Version 0.3.119 released

Hi everyone, It’s been a while but it’s official – we are back on track and I’m hitting the code again! To mark this great occasion we indulged in a 12 hour live coding session over at twitch ( which culminated in the release of a new version. Uh oh… This release brings the following: Fix for combat cooldown remaining on death Several map tweaks Fix for emote bugs Fix for experience gain showing as negative on bosses Brand new email verification system Training weapons now hit for 2% max of the targets hp Bosses can no longer become un-elite[…]

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