Month: July 2017

Version 0.3.128 released!

Minor update to start off the week. You can now track your arrows much easier Changes Fix for not losing yellow skull if a white skull you have targeted but not actually hit dies Fix for not getting a yellow skull if you are killed by a white skull you attacked then return to fight them again Main UI counter that shows both the type of ammunition equipped, and how much is left Edit: Server hotfix and Google Play patch Server side fix for issues arising if a player was killed by a monster, not another player Client fix for the[…]

Midnight Hotfixes

Hello everyone, So I’ve been burning the midnight oil with milctea and KnDunek who have very kindly given me hours of their lives this evening testing, fixing, and improving the skull system. There are a number of edge cases and fixes that have gone in as a result! Our lives for the last 3 hours Logging out and in will no longer make your yellow skull invisible to you. Fix for the server not quite correctly tracking who has hit who in all cases. Significant fix to how combat cooldown works, found a major bug that meant your PVP cooldown[…]

Version 0.3.127 released!

Hiya, Unfortunately I had an accident at the gym on Thursday that saw me wasting much of Friday in A&E, I worked my ass off in the evening however and have managed to get the first pass of the new PVP changes implemented. Yellow skulls? Here are the changes in today’s update… If you have no skull, attacking a skulled player who has not attacked you first will: PVP flag you, locking you out of safe zones Give you a yellow skull that you and they can see Make you a “justified” kill for them Combat timer overhaul: PVP cooldowns[…]

Update 0.3.125 released!

Hello again everyone, This update adds a bunch of boring stuff that, like with most of the updates recently, we needed to get out of the way. Finally, you can delete your unwanted Heroes 🙂 Additions Character name punished is now recorded against violations Upgraded to latest version of LibGDX, minimum android version is now 2.3 Added “time created” to account Added “time created” to hero Time played is now tracked Added broadcasts for punishment revokation /TimePlayed command implemented /AllTimePlayed command implemented /view command shows time spent online Moderation logs UI implemented, accessible via CM chat Namelock feature implemented –[…]

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