Month: August 2017

About the next update (version 0.3.131)

Hi everyone. As many of you are now hopefully aware I am now pushing forwards towards the spells update and getting everything in place necessary to make that happen. Spells, abilities and talents are going to leverage a lot of things that don’t currently exist – so the next update will be adding a lot of stat changes and base mechanics that we haven’t seen yet. This post is going to cover all of the changes you can expect in the next update. Elements Mirage is going to have an expanded rock paper scissors elemental system, the elements are as[…]

Version 0.3.130 released!

It’s official, I have started work on the spells update. The first fleeting pass over the server code involved a lot of refactoring to break out how the game actually performs “attacks” from the auto-attack system it uses so to test this I have implemented a few passives for each class. I know every time I add something knew that affects gameplay like this we all like to go “the sky is falling and omg my class is now the worst ever how will Mirage ever survive all is lost blahdy blah” and all that crap but please before the various[…]

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