Month: October 2018

Version 0.3.160 released!

Ciao! I’m still backpacking through Italy at the moment but found myself on a long delayed train to Milan today so got the laptop out and started going through my backlog of stuff to fix. Greetings from Florence Fixed level-up font scaling Fix critical hit font scaling Ignored players now stay ignored between sessions Fix for crash on looting 0 items Fix for several target details screen¬†bugs Fix for negative stat modifiers showing two – signs in stats screen Fix bodies not inferring scale from sprite scale Monsters can no longer spawn in invalid locations Buffed volley damage Reduced PVP[…]

Client patch 0.3.159 released

Hello! I had some time on the plane to implement a few quality of life changes to the client, these are now released to the play store and available via the download page. De-cluttered In-game text scale Health bar scale Option to only show monster names and target name Option to only show hp bars of injured creatures If you don’t like the new default preferences or want to adjust them further, you can change them in the main menu. Also, yesterday the following went life: Patch for walls not blocking correctly in new zone Fix for chat text box[…]

Patch 0.3.155 released

Long time no see Mirage! Lots of new unlockable outfit addons Genders implemented Lots of new hairstyles, for both male and female characters A lot of new sprite addons and hats, everything is unlockable at different levels and skill levels Seasonal hats Sudden death and triple shot are now usable in PVP (mages are OP again) Players over level 100 will scale every 10 levels so they stand out from the crowd /home command to return to town The bum (our sovereign merchant) now has a box in town to stand at for conducting his trades Next patch will bring[…]

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