Year: 2019

And we are back :D

The server is now back online! I hope everyone had a wicked mirage-free christmas and is ready for another 364 days of uninterrupted service. Big changes are coming to the game in the new year as I go part-time from my main job to dedicate two full days a week to this project – I hope you are looking forward to experiencing the successes and failures of the coming year with me together as I try and deliver a game we can all enjoy. There will be dissappointments, bugs, mistakes and disasters… but with each giant ballsup I will learn[…]

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone, As is now tradition the server has been taken offline for Christmas Day. Games like Mirage that take an enormous amount of time out of our lives are great, but sometimes we need someone who cares about us to intervene 😉 Get audaciously drunk, spend time with family, take a day off. Cheers,Foxish

Version 0.5.5 Released!

Me again! Some more quality of life improvements 🙂 Menu icons are now anchored to the edge of the screen Players now indicate they have drank a potion Players now say a spell when they use a rune Runes now display their spell words in the inventory Small fix for sticky emotes Foxish Edit: Version 0.5.5 has been released to address a client crash condition

Version 0.5.3 released!

Hey everyone, Just a small update to address some things leading up to Christmas. Phone hotkeys UI reworked UI a bit more squidged together Fixes for menu UIs sometimes not orienting correctly Potions and friendly runes trigger each other’s base cooldowns Rune magic levels tweaked Mana potions are now a sensible cost Foxish

Version 0.5.1 Released!

Hello everyone! It’s been some time since the game received any real gameplay changes, and with spells just around the corner now is a perfect opportunity to pre-test some of the things I have been working on. Spell engine implemented Runes added to the game that can trigger spell effects New hotkey slots added New UI to manage hotkeys added Charlotte is selling runes (at expensive prices) for testing purposes Fix for purchasing too much cheese crashing the client Bank items now stack correctly across characters (withdraw and re-deposit to fix existing split stacks) Passive abilities have been removed for[…]

There’s life on mars (v0.4.34 released)

Hiya! Today’s update is mostly me getting the dev tools and release pipeline up to date with all of the weird and wonderful roadblocks google has put in the way since the last update. Updated tools so I can release updates to the play store again Nourishment no longer decreases in safe zones You can no longer train with monsters who are 100% resistant to you Fix for email verification sending out null codes Small bits and pieces HotFix: for crash on login on Android Keep your eyes peeled for some spontanious changes as we get closer to Christmas. Peace[…]

Version 0.4.33 released!

Hello everyone, Now the combat and skull systems are working it was pretty easy for me to add an arena to the game. It is accessible via the bridge east of town to everyone over level 15. The arena has a few rules: PVP skull system rules apply Skills do not advance in the arena I might make it so things like potions and ammunition are not consumed when on an Arena map – not sure about that yet though. Liam

Combat system rewrite

Hi everyone! Something that has been a major problem in a number of different ways over time has been the combat system. There are a few key things that have been on my mind for a long time here: Players being able to block areas by targeting a monster that they can’t hit, flagging them for combat so they can’t be pushed The skull system not working correctly with yellow skulls, it was possible to hit someone and un target them quickly, then when they hit you back they would get yellow skulled Now, in order to address this I[…]

Bug tracker and v0.4.32 released

Hello everyone, The focus at the moment is really on server-side stability, performance, and engine architecture. As such, it occurred to me we didn’t have an official bug tracker where you can see what bugs I am aware of and their current status. You can find a link at the top of the website! Also, today a few bug fixes went live as a critical game-breaking issue was found and reported last week. The following are now fixed: Critical edge-case server issue that could result in “invisible” players Reconnecting quickly while dying / changing zones could result in the client[…]

Mid-week patch

Small update to address a few bugs and make some quality of life tweaks. Nothing major I’m afraid, but I felt this was necessary as there were a couple of nasty live bugs and I’ve been doing a lot of code restructuring on the server so wanted to get this out to make sure I haven’t broken anything further. Various map tweaks and fixes, the start of the game is now illuminated with torches for example. Behemoth map extended New Revenant map added Pushing players animates correctly again Possible fix for an edge case bug when switching maps in combat[…]

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