Month: March 2019

Version 0.4.15 released!

Hey everyone, Another small weekend update here to address some things and continue to expand the hunting zones. A major problem over the last week has been the massive amount of player killing and giant balls of people training together in low level areas, blocking passage ways and preventing newer players from hunting. To address that, PVP has been removed from all zones pre-hell (there are 4 100×100 imp maps in Hell, go and train there!) and some low level areas have been further expanded. PVP removed from all maps prior to hell Cyclops mountain area much larger Ember Wyrm[…]

More scamming

Hello, This morning despite the donations account being closed and donations not having been active for over a month, chargebacks started happening again from as far back as January. As my account is closed, I cannot simply respond and pay them off and paypal over the phone can’t think of a way to help me so this time rather than just take the hit and pay it off it looks like I get to have debt collectors chasing me for scammed money and possibly get to go to court when I refuse to hand it over. Excellent! My initial reaction[…]

Version 0.4.14 released!

Hiya, weekend update is here 🙂 Fixes for chat related kicks Significantly toned down sprite scaling after level 100 Potions now weigh half as much High level mobs currency drops increased Hell is now 25x bigger Felwalkers now 4x bigger New behemoths zone Engine updates to allow for new types of map linking Careful, it’s easy to get lost down here From the feedback we have received since the temporary dynamic party system went in it was clear the imp zone, hell and inferno were the most cramped and frustrating zones in the game to hunt. As such this underworld[…]

Version 0.4.12 released!

Mid-week update time! I know how much you guys love it when I just log in and boot everyone off without warning so here we are 🙂 I’m not where you think I am Fix for NPC resists not showing Donate button removed from portrait mode Player details screen tidied up Excess UI borders removed from all over the place EXP bar transparency Player enter / exit transition animations added Abyss greatly expanded This should hopefully be the start of a new trend of much smaller, granular updates being deployed more frequently. There are some quality of life changes here[…]


Morning everyone, Small hotfix release: Training weapons can now hit a max of 1% of the target’s health Training weapons now only take into account up to 50 offensive skill, further capping their max damage output Training weapons can no longer CRIT HP does not regenerate when using a training weapon Combat cooldown reduced to 30 seconds Defence stat increased in potency by 100% Liam

Version 0.4.11 released!

Hey everyone, This release is a big big change to how the game works so it is important you take a moment to read these patch notes carefully! The main major changes centre around the new transparent party system, so experience and loot is now given to the players who are most active in a fight rather than to everyone involved. A full party system will be added on top of these changes in the next major update, consider these changes the start of us steering into that system and putting an end to the 50 player afk death balls[…]

Version 0.4.8 released!

Hiya! I am extremely excited to announce the long-awaited deployment of the big back-end networking and database layer rewrite has now gone live! A whole neeeew wooooooooooorld Amongst other things, the big and obvious change for you guys is the roll-out of a world-revamp. Every zone has been reworked and redrawn, we wanted you guys to see the project is being taken seriously in 2019 and this is just a small taste of what is to come. Patch notes are as follows: World revamp, all new world and graphics Removal of /gender command Donation system completely removed Addition of event[…]

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