Month: May 2019

Random bosses!

Hey everyone, I have been toying with a new sort of “fun” little tweak to monsters today and I thought I’d release it and see what you all thought of it. It’s something that has been asked for by everyone for a long time and although it isn’t on the roadmap I figured what the hell and use it as an excuse to promote the new server gofundme at the same time 😉 Every monster in the game can now spawn as a boss Bosses are extremely rare, and will not happen frequently Bosses guarantee a high currency drop Bosses[…]

It’s time to upgrade the server!

Hello everyone! So, I have noticed recently that I get more and more little lags despite having a very small ping (I live very close to the server) and I decided to spend my time today investigating just exactly what was going on. I started where you would always start in this situation, firstly by profiling the client, then by investigating the JVM locks / garbage collection sweeps… everything seems fine… okay, that’s annoying. I suspected it might be something to do with the massive networking changes I recently made so I try playing with that, logs everywhere… no? Still[…]


Hey everyone, a small server-side-only hotfix patch just went live to address some issues found since yesterday’s update. Ghosts now no longer have heal for realsies Replacing an enchant no longer retains the previous one All double enchanted items have had their first enchant removed Fix for client crash on equipping the 100 skill back reward Liam

Version 0.4.25 released!

Hey everyone, This update addresses various concerns with the new resistances and the affects on balance this has had on both the game and its economy. Most materials now have a use for one enchant or another, and the resistances and monster balance has been tweaked universally across the game to make it closer to how it was prior to mob defence being removed, but without taking any damage away from anyone. Fire wyrms now attack with fire Ghosts no longer heal Parker and Shell are open for business All non-damage enchant recipes changed Physical resist removed from most mobs[…]

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