Month: February 2020

Version 0.5.21-c released!

Hey everyone, This is a client patch that adds some things that I have been meaning to add for a long time, but have never quite had the time. Camera zoom is a big one… just look at how far we can see when fully zoomed out on PC now. Preferences Camera zoom (view up to 8 extra tiles) PC UI scale (up to 200%) Android UI resolution (a bunch of common options) Eating / drinking noises (just yours or everyones) Damage text (to and from you, or everyones) Your HP bar (show it or don’t) Misc HP bar added[…]

Version 0.5.21-b released!

Hiya, As you will no doubt know if you have been playing the game this week our datacentre has been getting hit with DDOS attacks, this has impacted service with players seeing high pings and frequent disconnects. The national crime agency is involved and they are doing all they can to mitigate the impact on customers, so unfortunately all we can do is sit tight. With that said, this is not stopping me from working – so here is a small update focusing more towards making the game more accessible to lower level players. You will now find signs with[…]

Version 0.5.20-a released!

Hello everyone, This is a round of fixes and improvements to things that were broken / found to be not so great with yesterdays launch. The PC client chat has been reworked somewhat based on feedback and my experience using it yesterday. Fix for players getting stuck when spamming direction changes Fix for monsters not giving up chasing players Font scaling returned to normal on Android Crits now correctly display again Hiding / showing the chat on PC remembers which chat you had open Chat tab icons moved to the left of chat Font size doubled on chat tab icons[…]

Version 0.5.20 released!

Hello everyone! I have been playing through the game myself from scratch in an effort to try and experience things fresh and the last update included a whole bunch of changes (such as the PC hotkeys refresh, inventory sorting and monster spell cooldowns) to things that really annoyed me. That trend continues here, and one of the things that has really annoyed me has been communication on the PC client. A redesigned interface for PC players I thought it was about time I set some time aside to really take a look at the PC experience. One of the major[…]

Version 0.5.19 Released

Hello! This update brings a number of quality of life changes, as well as numerous code and content fixes. Content Changes Wasps map is now PVP Slugs map is now PVP Removal of blocked tiles in deeper Orcs Tree and rock on Orcs map fixed Troll Warlords have reinforced deeper Troll Castle Collision detection on Firewyrms rocks Materials are now 50% more likely to drop from monsters Bugs Fixed Trading more than 20k of something resulting in a kick Adding a friend with just 3 spaces resulting in a kick Failed player pushes not being correctly handled server side, resulting[…]

Client Patch 0.5.18 (a)

This is an optional patch that reduces the level requirement on most gates in the game, as well as tweaks the difficulty & loot of some of the highest level monsters. Gates Adjusted Spiders – level 3 Fire Wyrms – level 8 Slimes – level 10 Felwalkers – level 15 Imps – level 25 Inferno – level 35 Giant Slugs – level 35 Ice Slimes – level 45 Behemoths – level 55 Abyss – level 65 Orcs – level 75 Outlaws – level 85 Other Changes Giant Wasp sprite shadow fixed EXP and strength of level 75+ monsters adjusted Drop[…]

Major Release 0.5.18

Hello everyone! This is the largest content update the game has ever received, and it is now live. Thank you very much to everyone who helped out with testing, there are so many changes it’s easier to just summarise. New bag sprites, these will likely change again as they are… large Italian and Dutch chats added Healing runes have projectile effects Core engine change to separately track players and NPCs when performing collision checks You can no longer walk on top of NPCs in town Maximum walking speed limit removed Player movement speed increase per level reduced Base walking speed[…]

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