Month: April 2020

Version 0.5.25 Released!

Hello everyone, Before I post the content of the update, please be aware I accidentally released a broken apk onto the PlayStore first (v0.5.24), you will have to update twice in order to connect. Sorry about that, my bad! This is a bug fix, quality of life and low to mid level content balance update. The following monsters have been weakened: Felwalker All Imps Defiler Harbinger Fire Slime Giant Slug Minotaur Ghost Ice Slime Imp Zone has been further reworked Rune crits correctly display HP bar preference size tweaks Monsters will no longer cast an ability on respawn if they[…]

Version 0.5.23 released!

Hi everyone, this release sees the new rewritten text and HP bar systems go into the game. Text and name readability should be massively improved on both PC and Android 🙂 Added fullscreen support to the client (F11 to toggle) Added screenshot support to the client (F12 for a screenshot) Starter shield given 10% block Statless items sell for 10 copper Low level monster item drop rates upped High level material drop rates reduced on low level monsters Imps zone reworked and expanded Complete rewrite of on-screen text system Player names are now the colour of their vocation by default[…]

Nameplates and on-screen text

Hello everyone, I have been working quite hard and actually struggling quite a lot with what should be a simple task – making names, health bars, and chat draw nicely off-set from sprites and consistently scaled in the game world. While it seems this should be easy, there are a number of things that have made this really hard for me to get my head around: World scale is totally dynamic, so absolute positioning is hard A pixel in the game world is not a pixel on the screen, text needs to be independent of both world and screen ._.[…]

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