Month: June 2020

Patch 0.5.26 (b) Released!

Hiya, Just a small patch to address some issues: Fixes for 3 rare client crash conditions The game correctly closes on android when app switched HP and Mana labels preference now persists on android Fix for an issue that would result in some weird broken party states Server logging improvements Version 0.5.26 (a) is a broken build, unfortunately if you update to that version you will need to update again to version 0.5.26 (b) to be able to connect – my fault, I made a mistake when releasing 🙁 Thanks for all the bug reports, keep em’ coming on discord[…]

Version 0.5.26 Released!

Ladies and gentlemen, the party system is here 🙂 This is a large update that introduces many fixes and tweaks in many places, the healine feature however is parties – so lets take a look. Firstly let’s talk about two major changes to how experience and loot is shared in Mirage by default: Experience rewarded is now proportional to the amount of damage a player did to the monster Only the attacker who did the most damage receives any loot This means no more “killstealing” as it has become known. If someone runs past and hits your monster once, they[…]

A quick update on recent in-game community issues

Hi everyone, I will post a blog soon going over what has happened since the last post and what is coming in the next weeks, unfortunately for the moment I have to cover a different topic. Over the last weeks there has been significant pvp conflict in Mirage, which in itself shouldn’t really be a bad thing… but the game unfortunately does not have systems in place to mitigate people taking it too far and many lower level players have found themselves consistently unable to play due to high level gangs just killing everyone they see. In addition, there have[…]

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