Month: December 2020

Release v0.5.36

Just a small one to tweak some bits and pieces. Shields allow Knights to block 3 monsters up from 2 Challenging throw mana reduced to 35 Volley damage buffed 10% Volley cooldown correctly reduced to 6 seconds Explosion cooldown increased to 8 seconds Explosion mana increased to 50

Release v0.5.35a

Hello everyone! So it’s been a few days and it’s time for some fixes and bits and pieces before Christmas day 🙂 Many monsters are now wearing Christmas outfits! Big thanks to Magillus for putting these together for you all! Equipment drops are now Christmas themed Targeted AOE spells will not hit other players if the target is a monster All spells now have a 6 second cooldown and cost 40 mana Whirlwind has been replaced with Challenging Throw, a spell that will force the target monster to focus on you While learning to throw axes Knights forgot how to[…]

Release 0.5.34

It’s almost Christmas, and even better than that it’s almost January which means I am extremely close to working full time on the project woo! To celebrate all the things and give you a taste of what is to come, I thought it was about time we added some gameplay to this game. Each class now has a unique spell that unlocks at level 10. Long term there will be many spells and you will be able to have several active at once, but in the spirit of Christmas I set out to see if I could get something working[…]

Release 0.5.33

This release is going to be a rocky one due to Google ignoring my support requests for over a month now. Unfortunately due to how the google play console works we are going to have to jump to full releases now rather than staying in Alpha distribution, and unfortunately again due to how the release train works there are going to be several versions of the client landing today that are already out of date. The server will be going down at around 1:30pm realm time, at this time the already out-of-date client updates will arrive on your android devices.[…]

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