Year: 2021

Dev tracker and next release

Hello everyone, I am aiming for the next release to be code complete by the end of this month with the first release candidate in testing, with the aim of pushing the new engine live in the first half of August. This update is a complete rewrite of the game engine and brings the game into a fully open world experience with no “edges”. More concrete information will be posted closer to the release date, however if you want to more closely keep track of what I am doing new links have been added to the website under “DEV TRACKER”[…]

Sprite art competition

Hello everyone! It’s been so long since I rolled out a live update I’m not used to posting news on the website. If you have been checking the website for updates and want to stay up to date with progress the best way to follow along right now is by joining the discord server (linked above), the new engine is looking very promising 🙂 Anyway, would you like to see more unlockable appearances in Mirage? Well, here is your chance! This post marks the start of an art competition running through to the end of June where you can design[…]

Hotfixes (v0.5.59)

Player attacks are now calculated off of the stat relevant to the attack, rather than the stat relevant to their equipped weapon. This means for example rangers firing runes while holding a bow will no longer have their spellpower calculated off of distance, which was clearly unintended. Attack power exponents are now handled prior to the crit calculation, this should result in lower but more consistent critical hits. Architectural changes to the server.

Version 0.5.58 released!

This is a fix / balance version. I would have liked to have rolled this out faster but it took me two full days of pulling my hair out to get the chat to behave itself (within reason) on the desktop client. Writing an MMO gg ez, writing a chat component… rip me. Healing spells rebalanced (maybe a bit too aggressively, we will see) Targeted healing spells can now crit Fix for targeted healing spell magic power calculation AOE healing spells no longer affect players using training weapons Rods now drop with Stamina as their primary stat Significant rework of[…]

Version 0.5.57 released!

Some fixes for yesterday’s release. Bank items over your bank slot allocation will now still display, allowing you to withdraw them to make room Android full-screen disabled for now 🙁 Whisper messages wrap correctly Supporter * alignment corrected Whispers are now a purply colour Fix for strange drinking behaviour NPC resist correctly labeled as nature Chat no longer force-scrolls if you are viewing old messages Liam

Version 0.5.56 released!

Hello everyone, This release was… a lot more work than I thought it would be. I ended up putting a whole bunch of extra stuff in, I just can’t help myself I guess. This marks the last “fun stuff” release for some time as I am now going to take a sledge hammer to the engine in search of a seamless world (only 3 weeks behind schedule). There are a large number of changes. tweaks and fixes in this release so let’s get to it. Shaman This is a new class focused specifically around bringing support utility to the game.[…]

Version 0.5.55 released!

Hello everyone, this is an odd update as it opens the game up in some interesting ways. All classes now have access to all skill disciplines and can wear all equipment which should make for some interesting gear choices. You will train another classes primary skill discipline far slower than your own and your spells will only work with appropriate weapons so keep that in mind. I have also made a lot of tweaks to the UI, a lot of it was rushed in years ago so it’s nothing drastic but things should feel a bit tidier especially on mobile[…]

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