Month: January 2021

Version 0.5.38 released!

Hello everyone, in this patch I am testing out regeneration buffs based on stamina and spirit. Every 50 stamina awards 1 extra point of health regeneration per 5 seconds Every 50 spirit awards 1 extra point of mana generation per 5 seconds The stats screen has been reworked, it still doesn’t look great but at least now it shouldn’t burn your eyeballs out Further, fairly significant reworking of the EXP / HP ratio curve of Monsters Any issues keep me updated on the discord 🙂 Edit: Server patch now live HP significantly reduced on many monsters, EXP ratio has been[…]

Version 0.5.37 released!

If you are reading this it means I not only survived deploying the new server but it actually worked. Struth! The new hardware is an absolutely massive upgrade so I am hopeful we will see a reduction in the server melting with 400+ players online. That aside, I had a day to kill so I thought I’d address some bits and pieces that I know have been bothering people so in no particular order here are changes: Wild Soldiers no longer change outfits to die Rollback of christmas assets Hunters remembered they should be carrying the missing Mage Glove drop[…]

2021 Roadmap & Game Design

Hello everyone! For those who lurk from afar, are just joining us, or simply don’t use the discord it is with great excitement I can now officially announce I no longer am employed anywhere else and just completed my first day of working full time on Mirage Realms as the founding member of my own company HarveyDogs Ltd! This is obviously a huge step and would never have been possible without the continued support of you guys – thank you all so much for putting so much heart and soul into the community of such a small and undeveloped project,[…]

Server Upgrade

Hi everyone, This is just a quick post to say the server will be down Wednesday 06 January for around 3 hours from 8:30am GMT. The existing server “Dazzie” (named after an old cat of mine) is being replaced with a much faster and newer machine “Mog” (named after another old cat). This is the machine the community fundraised for a long time ago but due to hardware supply issues right as covid hit it took an absurd amount of time to source a supplier and by the time it arrived the UK was already in lockdown hell, now I[…]

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