Month: September 2021

Release Version 0.6.23!

Hello poppets 😀 This is the final bug squash for the new engine release, the invisible creatures issue has been fixed thanks to Termid claiming the bug bounty of free supporter status for life and provinding me with a video showing how to accurately replicate the issue. Woo! Fix for invisible creatures /where command now wheres Regen disabled status tooltip no longer shows if your regen is not disabled Various small fixes to the world environment I intend on taking the weekend off (my god, imagine that), starting work on the World Map next week 🙂 Have a great weekend[…]

Version 0.6.22 going live!

Hello everyone, it’sa me, Chris Pratt! I hope you are enjoying the new engine. This patch is essentially a fix and tidy up all the borked stuffs release as we start to work on bringing the new engine tech to maturity. I have fixed every bug that has been reported since Friday, with the notable exception of maybe fixing an issue where creatures can sometimes appear invisible. I suspect that one is going to take a whole bunch of digging around the server to find as looks like a low percentage edge case with no obvious way to reproduce it,[…]

Version 0.6.21 released!

Well, it’s taken 6 months but we are finally here – a brand new engine and a brand new world. This release celebrates the culmination of a lot of new tech in the game and a complete remake of the game world from scratch. No more “edges”, a single consistent world with 5 layers of underworld to explore. Every zone has been remade and reworked, many zones have moved, all zones have been expanded, and care has been taken to make sure everywhere is more easily reachable with a large number of new shortcuts (I’m looking at you, abyss!). One[…]

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