Month: October 2021

Release version 0.6.26

Hi everyone, just a bug fix pass before I am away for a few weeks. Fix for attacks sometimes breaking player defence when they shouldn’t More accurate combat round tracking to prevent everyone’s rounds syncing up over time Various visual world map fixes A few zone edges corrected Fhox


Hi everyone, small server-side hotfixes. I accidentally knocked a hole through the wall in Giant’s Deep, this is a server side patch and you will still see the hole on the client but be unable to walk through it. I decided to hotfix this quickly so I don’t get 9 billion bug reports about it every day. Patched up a hole in the wall in Giant’s Deep Moved a couple of problematic spawn locations Altered the combat round code to preserve trailing milliseconds, this should prevent combat rounds from “syncing up” over time Fhox

Release version 0.6.25

Hello everyone, This is the proof-of-concept release for the World Map system woo 🙂 This is the bare bones minimum viable release for this feature but I wanted to get it out there asap to help you all find your way around. It is my plan to extend this system significantly to show you areas of interest, party members, and more. You can… See yourself marked as a little white cross Zoom in and out Go up and down through the world layers Reset the map back to tracking you Open / close it with M (desktop client only) Please[…]

Release version 0.6.24

This is an emergency release that fixes an issue with new accounts not having their password correctly set and being unable to login on other devices as a result. Any existing players that have been affected by this issue should use the password recovery system, once your password has been reset you should have no problems. As a side note, it seems we have been review bombed on Google Play in response to this issue (though nobody thought to report it)… if you are enjoying the game and haven’t given it a rating, now would be an excellent time to[…]

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