Month: January 2022

Devplan Livestream for February & March

Hey everyone, Just swinging by to say there will be a Livestream presentation on Friday the 21st of January at 8pm GMT over on my twitch at where I will go over the plan for the next 2 months and hold a Q&A at the end. The stream will be structured, and I have prepared a presentation to talk through what I am planning and why. It will uploaded to Youtube afterwards for anyone that missed it, though if you want to participate in the Q&A you should try and catch it live 🙂 Hope to see you there,Fhox

2022 Delay

Hello everyone, Just wanted to drop by and say I was fully intending to go back to work today and start the first development sprint of the year, however due to some ongoing and tragic circumstances it looks like the earliest I will be able to kick things off again will be the 17th. Thanks to everyone who has offered support and kind words over the last weeks on Discord, it means a lot. I will be posting a full writeup of what is going to happen next and how the game update cycle will be structured going forwards once[…]

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