Month: June 2022

Version 0.7.0 PTR Build 10

Greetings! This is the last boring stuff PTR build, yay! Aside from any necessary fixes for these changes, we are now feature complete on the basic platform stuff and can now move on to working on skills, attributes, monsters, items, cutscenes, quests, etc. What a mission this has been. In the future, trusted long time players will be awarded the helper role to help them stand out to newer players. This rank is visible via the player details screen and in the help channel. What has changed? Internal changes to packet execution stuff Server side, keep an eye out for[…]

Version 0.7.0 PTR Build 9

Hello! Lots of bug fixes and various extensions of the previous release. What has changed? Punishment comment min length brought in line with punishment revoke comment min length Friends: If a friend’s name has changed, it is updated when they come online If your friend’s name has changed and they are online when you login, it is updated Minutes remaining on an active ban is now correctly displayed Fix for being unable to delete characters Leading and trailing whitespace and newlines is trimmed from ban and revoke comments Warnings no longer display a duration and now always last for 5[…]

Version 0.7.0 PTR Build 8

Hiho everyone, crawling closer to working on new content and systems but not quite there yet. I had some difficulty getting this build out of the door for a few reasons. Re-implementing the punishment system caught me a bit off guard because of all the cases it had to cover… punishments are account level, but when a punishment is given or revoked players might be online, offline, in the character selection screen, or on another character on the same account, and all of these cases didn’t fit well with my whole “load the data once, edit it all in memory[…]

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