Month: July 2022

Version 0.6.51 Released!

Hello everyone, This release comprises of two things people have been asking for a long time 🙂 What’s new? Over 60 new outfit appearances Brand new Mirage Wiki accessible via the title screen and via the website header Moving forwards Everyone please join me in thanking the handful of community members who have worked their asses off the last few days to bring the brand new official Mirage Wiki from nothing to a place brimming with information on every creature, item and enchant in the game. All of the information is up to date and current, and I am very[…]

Version 0.6.50 Released!

Hello everyone, Another quality of life release. Arenas coming next, promise 🙂 A few monsters learned some new tricks Chaos level gates removed Karon is now the gatekeeper of the Realm of Loss Chaos Fragments now drop from the first two Chaos Realms All 3 Chaos Realms doubled in size Players can all share exp and loot in parties regardless of level difference if everyone is level 30 or below Fhox

Version 0.6.49 Released!

Hiho everyone, Few fixes and balance changes here, mainly to address the new state of play as per opening up the game world last week. What’s changed? Experience loss: Base exp loss is now -5% White / Yellow skull exp loss is now -10% Red skull exp loss is now -25% Black skull exp loss is now -50% Charms: Charm of fate now protects against 5%, costs 20 gold Charm of loss now protects against 10%, costs 40 gold Charm of war now protectes against 25%, costs 100 gold Outlaw status expiration: If you are an outlaw / exile, your[…]

Version 0.6.48 Released

Hello everyone, I thought given the state of play it was time to really open the game up and get rid of this level-bracketed progression. If people want to boost their friends or group together to fight much harder monsters, why not? What’s changed? All level gates have been removed (aside from chaos gates) Ferries no longer have level requirements, those are now just advisory Orcs entrance west of Gilead has been blocked, you can now get there via Creeping Caverns or take the Ferry Certain mutated monsters now have special names Calm mutation renamed to Zen Zen mutations now[…]

Version 0.6.47 Released!

Another day another hacking spree! I see that everyone is chasing after elite equipment but elite monsters are too strong in most cases. To fix this, rather than just make elite monsters a bit weaker, I thought I would do something I’ve thought about doing for a long time and add a whole bunch of modifiers that monsters can spawn with. They don’t all result in elite monsters that drop elite gear, but they should mix things up a little bit 🙂 Mutations 1 in 10 8 monster spawns will be mutated: Elite Double health Double exp 1.3x stats Drops[…]

Version 0.6.46 Released!

Hello everyone, This is one that might need some fiddling to get it to a good place, but Elite Monsters are back baby. Did I mention it is insanely hot in the UK right now? Trying to sit and code in this heat is absolutely soul destroying! What’s changed? Fortified now drops an armour value relative to the items’ level HP and Mana regen is increased on drops 40+, then again on drops 80+ Elite Monsters: Have 3x the exp, 3x the hp, and twice the stats Will drop double materials and currency Will spawn one in every 20 mobs[…]

Version 0.6.45 Released!

Hello chums, Here’s what I have managed to get done today for your amusement. Some of these were deployed as a hotfix in the morning, but are included here so it’s easy to see what has changed today in once place. Additions & Changes New class of potion that restores both HP and Mana Many new outfit colours Axes: No longer have stamina but add what it’s value would have been to their primary stat Have twice the defence penalty Spawn players in “close to” their logout square if it is occupied when they log back in (if possible) Healing[…]

Version 0.6.43 Hotfixes

Hello everyone, unfortunately the nudity during the last REALStream has not made me a millionaire overnight so the show must go on! Fix for unjust kills resetting on logout Attempt to spawn players close to where they logged out if that sqm is now blocked Efficiency change to NPC respawn “is there a player in range” check Axes no longer drop with Stamina, and instead add it’s value to their primary stat Chat message on death indicates if nothing was lost as the realm is shutting down or has recently started More interesting things be coming soon, Fhox

Version 0.6.43 released!

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it. This week I am taking a break from working on the PTR as I wanted to make something and see people actually use it, so a bunch of server side hotfixes have gone live but now we have our first client release in a long time. EXP Loss Players now lose a minimum of 2.5% exp (for the current level) on death. Yes, even from monsters! The exception is if you are killed by a party member, then you lose nothing Arik in emberton has started selling Charms, necklaces that break on death[…]

Exp loss on death…

Hello everyone. The new loot stats mean everyone now has a whole bunch more HP, hurray! Well, now you have all that extra HP… You will now lose a minimum of 1% exp on death Fix for losing all frags on logout if you aren’t an outlaw (woops) Hotfixes You no longer lose exp if you are killed by a party member You no longer lose exp if you die during server shutdown Monsters will no longer respawn within combat range of players (this is not working sorry) Note I am getting my development environment set up once again so[…]

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