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Version 0.5.54 released!

Some tweaky bits 🙂 Whirlwind is only usable in range of current target Whisper and party-chat overhead colours tweaked Your own whispers and party messages no longer show overhead Inventory tab re-organisation Appearance tab icon is now your sprite Using hotkeys to bring up inventory tabs now highlights the correct tab And a bunch of new desktop hotkeys for those so inclined: I – Inventory C – Equipment F – Friends H – Hotkeys X – Stats P – Party L – Appearance T – Highscores

Version 0.5.53 released!

Evening chums 🙂 Scatter shot reworked to hit enemies around your target Offensive mage spells reward magic exp Mind games and concussive shot work on monsters attacking any party member Scatter shot incantation PVP damage reduced 25% Whispers and party messages now show overhead Number of unread messages colour reflects @mentions in chat Desktop client only Spell cast hotkeys defaulted to Q, E and R New preference available to set hotkey between three layouts: Q, E, R for spells and 1 – 6 for items F1, F2, F3 for spells and 1-6 for items 1, 2, 3 for spells and[…]

Roadmap & Retrospective

Well we did it, January 2021 is behind us and what better time to look back at the major achievements of our first month full time! In no particular order, here’s a short summary of the high points: Deployed the new server hardware All monster HP, EXP and drop rates were rebalanced… a lot Zones respawn monsters faster depending on how heavily hunted they are Stamina and Spirit now reward regeneration Took a sledge hammer to the stats screen Completely reworked secondary stat drops on items, adding a new third stat roll with 12 possible extra bonuses including things like[…]

Version 0.5.52 released!

Just a small one, it’ll be a slow week this week as I have other RL obligations (still working on my bloody kitchen). New ranger AOE ability “scatter shot” Volley cooldown reduced, damage lowered to compensate but resulting in a slight dps increase overall Conjure arrow spells reduced to 35 arrows per cast Certain offensive spells now reward melee / distance experience (offensive mage spells rewarding exp coming in a future patch) Monster HP increased by 20% All death missile runes now share the same cooldown (10 seconds) Fix for player vitals not correctly updating after enchanting an item Belly[…]

Version 0.5.51 released!

Hey everyone, This release stretches out the active spell progression a bit as you level and also tackles some things I have found annoying while playtesting myself. Making runes now rewards magic experience Regeneration is disabled when stacked on other players Challenging throw no longer taunts mobs until rank 1 Certain spells have had their damage, mana usage and cooldowns halved so you will be pressing buttons moar Certain spells have been split out into ranks to lessen the uber power of lower level players and provide some additional progression The d-pad no longer loses focus on mobile when you[…]

Version 0.5.49 released!

Hello everyone, this is the stuff I couldn’t get done in time for yesterday’s release. I was eager to get it out before the weekend so here we go 🙂 First here are the spell changes: Knight Spells Challenging Throw Damage reduced to 50% Devastate 40 mana 8 second cooldown Hits the target for 150% damage Execute 50 mana 15 second cooldown Hits the target for 400% damage Only usable on targets with less than 15% health Whirlwind Will no longer hit players if you are not in pvp combat Mana increased to 75 Cooldown reduced to 45 seconds Damage[…]

Version 0.5.46 released!

Hello everyone, This is a pre-release of the new spell system to test all of the changes are working as intended. This release sets the foundation for players being responsible for crafting their own resources, as well as establishes the 3 spell rule. Title screen revised, now with more animation Hotkeys HUD rewritten, there are now 3 spell slots Desktop client has 2 extra item hotkeys Hotkeys character screen rewritten, now includes: Spell hotkeys & spellbook Hotkeys HUD shown unique for each platform Spells can be changed when safe (or in town) and not in combat Spell level requirements and[…]

Version 0.5.43 released!

A new Chaos gate has opened An extra phase has been added to Chaos gates Signs now inform you which phase you are in Bosses are guaranteed to drop an appropriate amount of currency Drop rates reduced in Chaos zones Hotfix 0.5.44 released 120 chaos gate rebalanced Fix for new gate not glowing Fix for client side crash Mage elemental resistances set to flat 15% Excluding physical, holy and poison

Version 0.5.42 released!

This is a patch release for version 0.5.41 🙂 Fix for bosses respawning instantly Chaos monsters loot pools have been upgraded (fixed) to drop unique items Level 110 chaos monsters have been eating badly during lockdown and are a bit weaker Chaos monster respawn rates increased slightly Chaos realms now have 3 phases

Version 0.5.41 released!

Hey everyone, let’s just dive right into it. Chaos gates have been reported appearing around the realm, it is rumoured that sometimes they are active Traps Explosion spell damage increased 10% Rune damage increased 10% Party experience bonus increased by 2% per member, up to 10% (from 5%) Maximum friends increased to 50 Bosses are now unaffected by zone respawn rate modifiers 50 and 100 scroll purchase options removed Monsters now correctly use euclidean distance to find the nearest pathable square You can now target yourself to clear your current target Messages with @name in them will appear yellow to[…]

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