Version 0.8.9 Released!

Hello everyone, It would appear I have not been posting update news on the website for quite some time, not sure why I started rolling stuff out without posting about it but hey ho, lets put a stop to that. I have just returned from a 3 week haitus while I was looking after a relatives farm, this turned out to be the furthest thing from a break imaginable so this weeks update is a small set of changes based on community feedback while I was away. In other news I have began the rather insane task of migrating almost[…]

Version 0.6.67 Released!

Hello chums. I haven’t been updating the website with the latest releases as the changes have been largely back-end “boring” things. Now we are getting to client and gameplay changes, it’s time to start logging everything properly again. These changes are a somewhat random assortment of weekend tweeks that have been on my mind for some time. Some big, some small… the PVP changes are surely the most impactful. This marks the start of a quite drastic gameplay shift in Mirage, where the world is less safe, dying means more, and rampant unjust killing is punished much more harshly. One[…]

PTR v0.7.0 Build 42 Released!

Hiho, This is hopefully the final PTR tidyup sweep concerning the new spell systems added so far. I am deploying the PTR mid-week instead of Friday as this is a clean cut-off point, and I do not expect to have made sufficient progress on the status effects systems by Friday to warrant a fresh deployment. As always, please report any bugs and issues on Discord in #bugs-glitches. Changes Spell cast conditions checked when pushed, cast cancelled as appropriate Creature direction is maintained if pushed while casting a spell, regardless of the direction of the push Untargeted AOE cast warnings now[…]

PTR v0.7.0 Build #40 Released!

Hiho all, Apologies for not posting news updates as the PTR has updated for the last.. well, almost 30 days… you see, i kind of snapped my arm off at the elbow in a bouldering accident so have been err, sub optimally existing. Anyway nobody cares about that so let’s take a look at what has changed! What is new? Spell systems AOEs re-implemented AOE Warnings implemented. If an AOE is channelled or has a cast time, it displays a colour coded “warning” template for the duration of the cast. The warning template only displays on squares the AOE is[…]

PTR v0.7.0 Build #32 Released!

Hey everyone! This week has been a productive romp through all kinds of bits and pieces. Firstly, the spell system now supports channelled spells. These are spells that perform an effect over the duration of their cast time – for example, in the above screenshot you can see our first test spell Volley is firing arrows for the duration of the cast. Taking a closer look, this is also a nice opportunity to look at the new spell tooltips. Spell tooltips now display all the information you could ever need about a spell, with cute icons and colour coding. Volley[…]

PTR 0.7.0 Build #31 Released!

Hello! We have made it this far into the games development without ever using something called shaders. To a game developer, this statement might sound insane… and now I am learning about shaders I tend to agree. Why the sudden interest in shaders? Well, since development began I have been fighting issues with rendering and scaling artifacts in different situations. Some players would get a sort of… ocean wobble in the world as they ran around, others might even see little lines appear. Things might blur slightly, or you might see pixels sort of jumping around a little bit. I[…]

PTR 0.7.0 Build #30 Released!

Hello everyone, For those who don’t follow the Discord #announcements that closely, I was unfortunately unwell for a time through December and early January, but am now feeling a lot better and am back to work. With work, comes updates 😀 This sprint was focused heavily on re-implementing a spell framework, with an enthasis on facilitating spells that have cast times. There was a suprising amount of fiddly visual finesse in adding this, as you will hopefully appreciate in the screenshots to come. In the above screenshot, we are casting Meteor at that poor little Troll Mage! The spell button[…]

PTR 0.7.0 Build 28 Released!

Hey everyone, before we get into it, A QUICK NOTE FOR PLAYERS ON MAC: The live and PTR clients have both been updated today to remove the workaround for requiring -XstartOnFirstThread parameter when running on mac. The workaround was resulting in random crashes, so if you are on a mac I highly suggest re-downloading the client and running it with this parameter again for the time being. Apologies for this, it is an issue with Apple essentially throwing OpenGL in the bin because they didn’t invent it. Anyway… This build is a big change to the Desktop! While putting in[…]

PTR 0.7.0 Build 27 Released!

Hiho everyone, It’s Friday so it is PTR time! I have done a bunch of little PTR releases this week so this isn’t the feature packed Friday release we usually have, but in the spirit of working in sprints here it is anyway. This release includes a bunch of back-end data structure changes for the incoming spells system, this is not something you can see or interact with on the client just yet. Changes Accounts and Heroes all deleted due to DB restructuring Client side localization support for spells Client and server side spell data (client side files possibly need[…]

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