New Discord Server

Hello everyone, Due to issues outside of my control and an extremely unhelpful Discord support team we are moving to a new Discord server. I didn’t want to do this if it could be avoided but unfortunately big platforms are keen to uphold their track record of being utterly useless at supporting their users. The website link has been updated and the old Discord server will be taken apart shortly. Fhox

Version 0.6.42 released!

Hiya, Some small quality of life fixes to push out in the dev branch this week. I won’t be streaming on Friday, unfortunately I’m quite unwell with the flu and really don’t feel up to it. Sprint review is pushed Friday the 25th, another week should give me a chance to catch up on the time lost from being ill. Enchant material costs reduced by 50% Pushing players reworked to be more consistent You can now correctly lose multiple levels on death Various small overworld fixes Edit 18/02/22: Due to an issue with enchanting costs a new patch has been[…]

Egon stepping down as Community Manager

Hello everyone, It is with a heavy heart I bring news that my dear friend and your community manager Egon must unfortunately no longer be affiliated with the project due to real life circumstances, and his influence and responsibilities as of today are no more. Max has been a friend of mine for a long time, before the first line of code here was ever even concieved as a dream and I am certain without his input and friendship we as a community would not be where we are today. I think I speak for all of us when I[…]

Version 0.6.38 released!

Me again, Some further tweaks as a final bit of balancing around the previous patches: Ferry silver costs reduced significantly Captain Uwu has moved to the river south of Farthing Wood Kel, Captain Owo and Captain Uwu have reached an agreement, you can now travel directly between Emberton, Farthing Wood and Jericho using the ferry Lisa, Fisherman Bork and Fisherman Zugg have reached an agreement, you can now travel directly between Gilead, Lorule Fortress and King’s End using the ferry Minotaurs expanded Harbingers expanded Fix for double-thumb chat closing on Android Several small world graphical fixes Execute is now usable[…]

More balance hotfixes v0.6.36

This tackles a couple of lingering historic balance issues while also aiming to make Bandits and Shamblers much more viable hunting zones. Here are the changes: Thief No longer has scatter volley, instead uses scatter shot Health reduced Now drops Demon Tooth necklace Bloodseeker No longer has scatter volley, instead uses scatter shot No longer heals Shambler No longer heals Slimespitter No longer heals Wild Soldier No longer heals Felwalker HP & EXP increased EXP ratio improved Wasp -5% Energy resistance Hellhound -5% Ice resistance Necromancer -5% Energy resistance -5% Nature resistance 100% Death resistance Behemoth -5% Nature resistance Minotaur[…]

Balance Hotfixes v0.6.36

Hello! After the widely accepted success of yesterday’s changes I have had a closer look and play tested a whole bunch of zones in the game. To clarify on the intended effects of these changes: Make the gameplay loop much faster and less of a snooze fest Make content significantly more accessible to players of the appropriate level Massively increase the drop rate of equipment My conclusion – it was a big step in the right direction and all three of these things have been achieved but it could go further, and I am pushing it quite a lot further[…]

Version 0.6.36 released!

Hi everyone I hope you are all well, This is the last patch release before I start work on replacing the database back-end in February ready for working on scaling content. I have been playing Mirage myself quite a lot recently and the game hits a wall of slowdown from Harbingers onwards. The time-to-kill feels, mind numbing, so with that in mind I have made the following changes. All monsters over level 30 have been adjusted HP is halved EXP is halved Respawn rate increased Various high level Zones have had their Monster spawns padded out Removal of the lone[…]

Rules, TOS and Privacy Policy

Hello everyone, You can now find the Game Rules, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy under the “About” section on the website. The terms of service is essentially legal speak for don’t sue me because the server exploded and the privacy policy explains what data I collect, what I use it for, who I share it with and how long I keep it. Nothing exciting I’m afraid! Fhox

Devplan Livestream for February & March

Hey everyone, Just swinging by to say there will be a Livestream presentation on Friday the 21st of January at 8pm GMT over on my twitch at where I will go over the plan for the next 2 months and hold a Q&A at the end. The stream will be structured, and I have prepared a presentation to talk through what I am planning and why. It will uploaded to Youtube afterwards for anyone that missed it, though if you want to participate in the Q&A you should try and catch it live 🙂 Hope to see you there,Fhox

2022 Delay

Hello everyone, Just wanted to drop by and say I was fully intending to go back to work today and start the first development sprint of the year, however due to some ongoing and tragic circumstances it looks like the earliest I will be able to kick things off again will be the 17th. Thanks to everyone who has offered support and kind words over the last weeks on Discord, it means a lot. I will be posting a full writeup of what is going to happen next and how the game update cycle will be structured going forwards once[…]

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