Localisation Support

Hello everyone! I have completed the first pass of localisation support in the client and am now welcoming translations from the community! Starting today you will be able to find all of the current translations and how to contribute to them publicly over at: A number of people have already banded together into groups to translate various languages, I ask that before taking on the task of translating the client to your own language you please check the Sprint Tracker (under Development in the website menu) and make sure there aren’t already others coordinating to do the same thing.[…]

New Discord Server

Hello everyone, Due to issues outside of my control and an extremely unhelpful Discord support team we are moving to a new Discord server. I didn’t want to do this if it could be avoided but unfortunately big platforms are keen to uphold their track record of being utterly useless at supporting their users. The website link has been updated and the old Discord server will be taken apart shortly. Fhox

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