New Email Provider

Hiho, A server hotfix was applied today that moves us over to using AWS as our email provider. Up until now we have relied on a service from a company called SendGrid for our outgoing emails, due to the awful way they manage customer IP pooling we were often sending emails from the same machines spammers were using. This meant we would frequently get blacklisted by large mail providers, which resulted in many players having issues receiving verification emails, password resets etc, and when they did receive them they would often arrive sometimes hours after requested. That ends today, Amazon[…]

More balance hotfixes v0.6.36

This tackles a couple of lingering historic balance issues while also aiming to make Bandits and Shamblers much more viable hunting zones. Here are the changes: Thief No longer has scatter volley, instead uses scatter shot Health reduced Now drops Demon Tooth necklace Bloodseeker No longer has scatter volley, instead uses scatter shot No longer heals Shambler No longer heals Slimespitter No longer heals Wild Soldier No longer heals Felwalker HP & EXP increased EXP ratio improved Wasp -5% Energy resistance Hellhound -5% Ice resistance Necromancer -5% Energy resistance -5% Nature resistance 100% Death resistance Behemoth -5% Nature resistance Minotaur[…]

Balance Hotfixes v0.6.36

Hello! After the widely accepted success of yesterday’s changes I have had a closer look and play tested a whole bunch of zones in the game. To clarify on the intended effects of these changes: Make the gameplay loop much faster and less of a snooze fest Make content significantly more accessible to players of the appropriate level Massively increase the drop rate of equipment My conclusion – it was a big step in the right direction and all three of these things have been achieved but it could go further, and I am pushing it quite a lot further[…]


Hi everyone, small server-side hotfixes. I accidentally knocked a hole through the wall in Giant’s Deep, this is a server side patch and you will still see the hole on the client but be unable to walk through it. I decided to hotfix this quickly so I don’t get 9 billion bug reports about it every day. Patched up a hole in the wall in Giant’s Deep Moved a couple of problematic spawn locations Altered the combat round code to preserve trailing milliseconds, this should prevent combat rounds from “syncing up” over time Fhox

Release version 0.6.24

This is an emergency release that fixes an issue with new accounts not having their password correctly set and being unable to login on other devices as a result. Any existing players that have been affected by this issue should use the password recovery system, once your password has been reset you should have no problems. As a side note, it seems we have been review bombed on Google Play in response to this issue (though nobody thought to report it)… if you are enjoying the game and haven’t given it a rating, now would be an excellent time to[…]

Release Version 0.6.23!

Hello poppets 😀 This is the final bug squash for the new engine release, the invisible creatures issue has been fixed thanks to Termid claiming the bug bounty of free supporter status for life and provinding me with a video showing how to accurately replicate the issue. Woo! Fix for invisible creatures /where command now wheres Regen disabled status tooltip no longer shows if your regen is not disabled Various small fixes to the world environment I intend on taking the weekend off (my god, imagine that), starting work on the World Map next week 🙂 Have a great weekend[…]

Version 0.6.22 going live!

Hello everyone, it’sa me, Chris Pratt! I hope you are enjoying the new engine. This patch is essentially a fix and tidy up all the borked stuffs release as we start to work on bringing the new engine tech to maturity. I have fixed every bug that has been reported since Friday, with the notable exception of maybe fixing an issue where creatures can sometimes appear invisible. I suspect that one is going to take a whole bunch of digging around the server to find as looks like a low percentage edge case with no obvious way to reproduce it,[…]

Hotfixes (v0.5.59)

Player attacks are now calculated off of the stat relevant to the attack, rather than the stat relevant to their equipped weapon. This means for example rangers firing runes while holding a bow will no longer have their spellpower calculated off of distance, which was clearly unintended. Attack power exponents are now handled prior to the crit calculation, this should result in lower but more consistent critical hits. Architectural changes to the server.

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