Public Test Realm

Version 0.7.0 PTR Build 5

Hello everyone, This build of the PTR adds several new langauges as well as an overhaul of how forms and buttons are layed out throughout the entire UI so text should fit neatly regardless of language in most circumstances. What has changed? Added new languages: French Polish Russian (this is missing a lot of translations, likely needs redone from scratch) Spanish Reworked UI to be more dynamic All text buttons in the UI should now dynamically size to their text where appropriate Forms should dynamically size their labels Fixed the empty inventory message not displaying What to test? Buttons throughout[…]

Version 0.7.0 PTR Build 4

Hiho everyone, Build 4 is now live and introduces localisation support throughout the client. Some languages are now implemented thanks to community translators, and more are sure to come. The client will default to the locale of the device it is running on, and if a language bundle for that locale can not be found it will default back to English. Words and phrases that are missing from language bundles will also default back to English. What has changed? Implemented UI language support everywhere I could see the use of English Added stateful response codes to account creation to correctly[…]

Localisation Support

Hello everyone! I have completed the first pass of localisation support in the client and am now welcoming translations from the community! Starting today you will be able to find all of the current translations and how to contribute to them publicly over at: A number of people have already banded together into groups to translate various languages, I ask that before taking on the task of translating the client to your own language you please check the Sprint Tracker (under Development in the website menu) and make sure there aren’t already others coordinating to do the same thing.[…]

0.7.0 PTR build 3

Hello everyone, Well, so it turns out the hidden “data transfer fee” costs of MongoDB Atlas are actually kind of insane. As such, I saw fit to get away from the idea of using the cloud service sooner rather than later, as it threatened to force a rethink of using MongoDB altogether. 2 days after that realisation the PTR is now running on a self-hosted MongoDB cluster. This was really tricky to set up for the first time, and I had to change how Hero IDs are assigned as I was using a cloud-only feature to increment them previously. I[…]

SSL Enabled for API & File Server

Hiho, Just a quick note to say the API available via the PTR and the server that you download the PTR clients from are now SSL enabled so you will no longer have any issues accessing those resources due to browser / security warnings. This does mean you need to use HTTPS instead of HTTP when accessing any old links you might have received from the PTR via email or any old API armoury links you might have been sharing. Fhox

PTR Builds are now Live!

Hello everyone! What a day it is, the Public Test Realm is now live and you can find the clients for download under the “Development” menu of the website if you want to get involved and help me test all the new stuff. TLDR; You can download the clients via Development > Public Test Realm in the website menu. What is a PTR? The PTR, or Public Test Realm is essentially a special version of the game where all of the new features and updates will be deployed for you guys to test before they get rolled out to the[…]

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