Version 0.5.58 released!

This is a fix / balance version. I would have liked to have rolled this out faster but it took me two full days of pulling my hair out to get the chat to behave itself (within reason) on the desktop client. Writing an MMO gg ez, writing a chat component… rip me. Healing spells rebalanced (maybe a bit too aggressively, we will see) Targeted healing spells can now crit Fix for targeted healing spell magic power calculation AOE healing spells no longer affect players using training weapons Rods now drop with Stamina as their primary stat Significant rework of[…]

Version 0.5.57 released!

Some fixes for yesterday’s release. Bank items over your bank slot allocation will now still display, allowing you to withdraw them to make room Android full-screen disabled for now 🙁 Whisper messages wrap correctly Supporter * alignment corrected Whispers are now a purply colour Fix for strange drinking behaviour NPC resist correctly labeled as nature Chat no longer force-scrolls if you are viewing old messages Liam

Version 0.5.56 released!

Hello everyone, This release was… a lot more work than I thought it would be. I ended up putting a whole bunch of extra stuff in, I just can’t help myself I guess. This marks the last “fun stuff” release for some time as I am now going to take a sledge hammer to the engine in search of a seamless world (only 3 weeks behind schedule). There are a large number of changes. tweaks and fixes in this release so let’s get to it. Shaman This is a new class focused specifically around bringing support utility to the game.[…]

Version 0.5.55 released!

Hello everyone, this is an odd update as it opens the game up in some interesting ways. All classes now have access to all skill disciplines and can wear all equipment which should make for some interesting gear choices. You will train another classes primary skill discipline far slower than your own and your spells will only work with appropriate weapons so keep that in mind. I have also made a lot of tweaks to the UI, a lot of it was rushed in years ago so it’s nothing drastic but things should feel a bit tidier especially on mobile[…]

Version 0.5.54 released!

Some tweaky bits 🙂 Whirlwind is only usable in range of current target Whisper and party-chat overhead colours tweaked Your own whispers and party messages no longer show overhead Inventory tab re-organisation Appearance tab icon is now your sprite Using hotkeys to bring up inventory tabs now highlights the correct tab And a bunch of new desktop hotkeys for those so inclined: I – Inventory C – Equipment F – Friends H – Hotkeys X – Stats P – Party L – Appearance T – Highscores

Version 0.5.53 released!

Evening chums 🙂 Scatter shot reworked to hit enemies around your target Offensive mage spells reward magic exp Mind games and concussive shot work on monsters attacking any party member Scatter shot incantation PVP damage reduced 25% Whispers and party messages now show overhead Number of unread messages colour reflects @mentions in chat Desktop client only Spell cast hotkeys defaulted to Q, E and R New preference available to set hotkey between three layouts: Q, E, R for spells and 1 – 6 for items F1, F2, F3 for spells and 1-6 for items 1, 2, 3 for spells and[…]

Version 0.5.52 released!

Just a small one, it’ll be a slow week this week as I have other RL obligations (still working on my bloody kitchen). New ranger AOE ability “scatter shot” Volley cooldown reduced, damage lowered to compensate but resulting in a slight dps increase overall Conjure arrow spells reduced to 35 arrows per cast Certain offensive spells now reward melee / distance experience (offensive mage spells rewarding exp coming in a future patch) Monster HP increased by 20% All death missile runes now share the same cooldown (10 seconds) Fix for player vitals not correctly updating after enchanting an item Belly[…]

Version 0.5.51 released!

Hey everyone, This release stretches out the active spell progression a bit as you level and also tackles some things I have found annoying while playtesting myself. Making runes now rewards magic experience Regeneration is disabled when stacked on other players Challenging throw no longer taunts mobs until rank 1 Certain spells have had their damage, mana usage and cooldowns halved so you will be pressing buttons moar Certain spells have been split out into ranks to lessen the uber power of lower level players and provide some additional progression The d-pad no longer loses focus on mobile when you[…]

Version 0.5.49 released!

Hello everyone, this is the stuff I couldn’t get done in time for yesterday’s release. I was eager to get it out before the weekend so here we go 🙂 First here are the spell changes: Knight Spells Challenging Throw Damage reduced to 50% Devastate 40 mana 8 second cooldown Hits the target for 150% damage Execute 50 mana 15 second cooldown Hits the target for 400% damage Only usable on targets with less than 15% health Whirlwind Will no longer hit players if you are not in pvp combat Mana increased to 75 Cooldown reduced to 45 seconds Damage[…]

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