Dev tracker and next release

Hello everyone, I am aiming for the next release to be code complete by the end of this month with the first release candidate in testing, with the aim of pushing the new engine live in the first half of August. This update is a complete rewrite of the game engine and brings the game into a fully open world experience with no “edges”. More concrete information will be posted closer to the release date, however if you want to more closely keep track of what I am doing new links have been added to the website under “DEV TRACKER”[…]

Roadmap & Retrospective

Well we did it, January 2021 is behind us and what better time to look back at the major achievements of our first month full time! In no particular order, here’s a short summary of the high points: Deployed the new server hardware All monster HP, EXP and drop rates were rebalanced… a lot Zones respawn monsters faster depending on how heavily hunted they are Stamina and Spirit now reward regeneration Took a sledge hammer to the stats screen Completely reworked secondary stat drops on items, adding a new third stat roll with 12 possible extra bonuses including things like[…]

2021 Roadmap & Game Design

Hello everyone! For those who lurk from afar, are just joining us, or simply don’t use the discord it is with great excitement I can now officially announce I no longer am employed anywhere else and just completed my first day of working full time on Mirage Realms as the founding member of my own company HarveyDogs Ltd! This is obviously a huge step and would never have been possible without the continued support of you guys – thank you all so much for putting so much heart and soul into the community of such a small and undeveloped project,[…]

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