Version 0.5.19 Released

Hello! This update brings a number of quality of life changes, as well as numerous code and content fixes. Content Changes Wasps map is now PVP Slugs map is now PVP Removal of blocked tiles in deeper Orcs Tree and rock on Orcs map fixed Troll Warlords have reinforced deeper Troll Castle Collision detection on Firewyrms rocks Materials are now 50% more likely to drop from monsters Bugs Fixed Trading more than 20k of something resulting in a kick Adding a friend with just 3 spaces resulting in a kick Failed player pushes not being correctly handled server side, resulting[…]

Client Patch 0.5.18 (a)

This is an optional patch that reduces the level requirement on most gates in the game, as well as tweaks the difficulty & loot of some of the highest level monsters. Gates Adjusted Spiders – level 3 Fire Wyrms – level 8 Slimes – level 10 Felwalkers – level 15 Imps – level 25 Inferno – level 35 Giant Slugs – level 35 Ice Slimes – level 45 Behemoths – level 55 Abyss – level 65 Orcs – level 75 Outlaws – level 85 Other Changes Giant Wasp sprite shadow fixed EXP and strength of level 75+ monsters adjusted Drop[…]

Major Release 0.5.18

Hello everyone! This is the largest content update the game has ever received, and it is now live. Thank you very much to everyone who helped out with testing, there are so many changes it’s easier to just summarise. New bag sprites, these will likely change again as they are… large Italian and Dutch chats added Healing runes have projectile effects Core engine change to separately track players and NPCs when performing collision checks You can no longer walk on top of NPCs in town Maximum walking speed limit removed Player movement speed increase per level reduced Base walking speed[…]

Client patch 0.5.8 (b)

Morning chaps, This is a small client patch to address an issue affecting android users on KitKat or lower not being able to enter the game due to a client crash. A library added in the last patch was leveraging a piece of API only introduced in Lollipop, so I have rolled that library back to 2014 which should address the issue. Foxish

Midnight server patch

Hey everyone! A server patch has just gone live that adds special handling around server shutdowns. From now on when the server shuts down the following happens: All active events are cancelled New events cannot be activated during the shutdown Players who activated the now cancelled events receive fresh scrolls back in their inventory Even if there is only 1 minute left of an event, if a shutdown is triggered the player who activated that event will receive a fresh 1 hour scroll. I think this is more than fair and takes any bad feeling out of the whole process![…]

Client Patch 0.5.8 (a) released!

Hey everyone, Today’s client update is full of fixes around the Play Store integration. A small number of players have experienced an issue where they purchase a scroll but don’t receive it – I have reproduced this edge case and worked around it. In addition, the client now has patching support for updates like this where fixes need to go in but there is no need for a server update, you can tell if you are on a patch version as there will be a letter after the version number on the main menu. Fixes for various store related crashes[…]

Performance / Bug Fix sweep

Evening everyone! It has been quite the 18 hours or so since the app store went live, the positivity shown by you guys and adoption of the new scrolls by the community has honestly blown me away. With that said, we saw some performance issues today with over 400 players online and there have been some client issues so I got home from work and have investigated and fixed everything I can tonight! Server database performance tweaks (no more dropping frames with 400+ players online) Fix for event notifications showing incorrect percentages on login Realm Store will now appear on[…]

Android in-app purchases are live!

Hello everyone! I am now working part-time, giving me one day a week to spend dedicated to Mirage. Over the new year I have met with business minded folks and spoken to my accountant, and they made it clear to me what my immediate priority had to be. I know it isn’t super fun stuff, but if I want to persue this game properly it has to start paying for itself – and for it to do that there needs to be a way for you guys to buy stuff. The first update of January is here, and it brings[…]

And we are back :D

The server is now back online! I hope everyone had a wicked mirage-free christmas and is ready for another 364 days of uninterrupted service. Big changes are coming to the game in the new year as I go part-time from my main job to dedicate two full days a week to this project – I hope you are looking forward to experiencing the successes and failures of the coming year with me together as I try and deliver a game we can all enjoy. There will be dissappointments, bugs, mistakes and disasters… but with each giant ballsup I will learn[…]

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone, As is now tradition the server has been taken offline for Christmas Day. Games like Mirage that take an enormous amount of time out of our lives are great, but sometimes we need someone who cares about us to intervene 😉 Get audaciously drunk, spend time with family, take a day off. Cheers,Foxish

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