Hotfixes for 0.5.39

Hi everyone, hotfixes mean this is server-side only so no need to update your clients 🙂

  • Found a huge performance issue in the Monster AI and pathfinding, this should now be 8 times faster which should result in significant server performance improvements under heavy load
  • Blood splats and bodies now expire quicker, player bodies take longer to expire than monster bodies
  • Currency drop amounts decreased by 25%, this affects both the minimum and maximum currency any monster can drop
  • Drop rate increased significantly for extremely rare drops on high level monsters
  • Fix for an issue that could result in players not having all of their scrolls returned if a server restart was triggered and one event that had been triggered had already expired
  • Empowered now boosts stats by 20% up from 10%
  • Nourishment bonus now boosts maximum nourishment by 100% up from 25%
  • Fix for HP and Mana regen being doubled in some cases

As always please report any new issues in discord in the #bugs_glitches section, especially regarding any new issues you see around monster path finding!

Hotfixes for 0.5.39
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