Version 0.7.0 PTR Build 4

Hiho everyone,

Build 4 is now live and introduces localisation support throughout the client. Some languages are now implemented thanks to community translators, and more are sure to come. The client will default to the locale of the device it is running on, and if a language bundle for that locale can not be found it will default back to English. Words and phrases that are missing from language bundles will also default back to English.

What has changed?

  • Implemented UI language support everywhere I could see the use of English
  • Added stateful response codes to account creation to correctly report why creation has failed
  • Improved the “redeem purchases” UI
  • Improved the “supporter scroll” purchase UI to display benefits nicely
  • New “supporter” benefits UI is visible in the “My Account” UI if player is not a supporter
  • Implemented submitted community translations
  • New language selection UI, accessible via the main menu screen
  • Language preference is stored locally

What to test?

Primarily, going through the UI and checking various things are correctly translated and everything lays out correctly. Different languages pose an interesting problem as buttons may be too small, UI elements might overflow, etc.

  • If your language is available:
    • Are things translated in a way that make sense?
    • Does the UI lay out correctly in all cases?
    • Are there missing translations (things still in English)?
    • Did it default to your language?


There are a few things I am looking for here in terms of feedback:

Thanks everyone. I realise these aren’t big and sexy features but it is better to get these out of the way now so we can stop having to move backwards to move forwards. More PTR updates coming later this week.


Version 0.7.0 PTR Build 4
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