Version 0.7.0 PTR Build 5

Hello everyone,

This build of the PTR adds several new langauges as well as an overhaul of how forms and buttons are layed out throughout the entire UI so text should fit neatly regardless of language in most circumstances.

What has changed?

  • Added new languages:
    • French
    • Polish
    • Russian (this is missing a lot of translations, likely needs redone from scratch)
    • Spanish
  • Reworked UI to be more dynamic
    • All text buttons in the UI should now dynamically size to their text where appropriate
    • Forms should dynamically size their labels
  • Fixed the empty inventory message not displaying

What to test?

  • Buttons throughout the UI are sized appropriately and lay out correctly
  • Translations for your language make sense
  • Translations for your language fit the UI space they have available

A note regarding squished UI

There are instances in the client where due to having to lay out on mobile phone screens the text must fit a small area, and the area can not be expanded to accommodate the text. These are places like the empty inventory box, the trade confirmation window, and there are a bunch more hiding around.

If in one of these cases your language’s translation is too big to fit the available space, please report it on Discord in the #translations channel with a full screenshot and if at all possible offer an alternative shortened translation.

If you would like to go further and add translation yourself for a new language or go through and check / modify existing translations yourself, you can do so using this public GitHub repository.


Version 0.7.0 PTR Build 5
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