Version 0.7.0 PTR Build 6

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately I have had covid (again?!) for the last week and managed to get very little done… this is genuinely turning out to be the worst year of my life for health, and the game’s development is suffering bigtime for it. oh my god.


What has changed?

  • Various new translations and tweaks as submitted by the community
  • English language should now work for players with a default other language
  • Fix for unresponsive UI if there’s a connection issue entering the game world
  • Player appearance colour data now uses hex colour codes instead of hard-coded R-G-B values
    • Player appearance data is now saved
  • Friends system re-implemented
  • Player details UI re-implemented (/who)
  • Admin privileges re-implemented
    • New system uses flags for specific permissions (am I invincible, can I be pushed, etc). These flags will be useful for future spell buff behaviours too.
  • You can now chat with each other from level 1 on PTR builds
  • New async server stuff allows me to handle callbacks that rely on database calls better, keeping the DB calls out of the game loop
    • Getting character data for offline characters (/who, clicking on friends list, etc) uses this new mechanism
  • Whispering re-implemented
  • Parties re-implemented
  • I’ve nuked the database again (sorry :P)

What to test?

  • Appearance:
    • Changing your outfit
    • Setting colours
    • Other people seeing these changes
    • Changes are persisted between sessions
  • Friends:
    • You can add friends
    • You can remove friends
    • Online / Offline notifications
    • Friends list size limit
  • Chatting:
    • You can talk and whisper at level 1
    • Verified accounts can chat in public channels at level 1
  • Localisation:
    • English language works if your default language is something else
    • The correct flag displays for your default language if you have never selected a language manually
    • The various community fixes, check UIs now “fit” on the screen where they didn’t before
  • Player details:
    • You can view the player details of other online players via chat, friends, clicking on them in-world, etc
    • You can view the player details of other offline players
    • You can whisper, ignore, and friend players via the player details screen
    • /who works for both online and offline players and behaves as expected
  • Parties:
    • You can start parties
    • You can invite other players
    • You can kick other players
    • You can pass leadership
    • You can chat with others in your party
    • The party player list in party chat correctly reflects the online / offline status of members

A small note from me…

I fully realise none of this is particularly fun or exciting, but there is very little remaining for me to finish porting over from the old engine and I am confident I will be deploying the new player attributes and skills by the end of the week, ready for scaling monsters and items to start being iterated on next week. We are very close to the fun stuff starting, just gotta hold out this last little bit.

You’ll be collecting materials and crafting gear in no time, hang in there. Thanks to everyone who is being ridiculously patient throughout this entire process, reworking the back-end of the game this heavily was always a big financial risk but now we are close to starting to focus exclusively on gameplay changes I am very happy we did it!


Version 0.7.0 PTR Build 6
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