Version 0.7.0 PTR Build 7

Hello everyone,

Daily PTR update with some fixes and bits and pieces.

What has changed?

  • Significant expansion of the in-game outfit colour palette (72 colours, up from 23)
  • Server enforcement of the new palette
  • Fixed the issue with people going invisible when other players went down holes (lol)
  • Whispering works at level 1 on PTR builds
  • Re-implemented parties, with database access occurring outside of the engine thread
  • Localisation changes as per community submissions

What to test?

  • Parties:
    • You can start parties
    • You can invite other players
    • You can kick other players
    • You can pass leadership
    • You can chat with others in your party
    • The party player list in party chat correctly reflects the online / offline status of members
  • Chatting:
    • You can whisper at level 1
  • Appearance:
    • Changing your outfit to the new colours
    • Other players seeing these changes
    • Changes are persisted between sessions
    • Things don’t mess up if other players go up / down holes and ladders
  • Localisation:
    • The UI lays out correctly and isn’t squashed or broken in your language (particularly in the settings and my account screens)

What’s next?

I am now working on the punishment system and re-implementing namelocks, criminal records, warnings and bans. This is the final hurdle (aside from highscores but those are going to get specific focus in the future once scaling content is implemented as I want to do season-based leaderboards for various things) before focus shifts entirely to implementing all the new stats and skills, mathmatically scaling monsters and items, and all the fun and games that comes with this new direction.

It’s taken it’s sweet time but we are almost there. My god I can’t wait to be working on gameplay.


Version 0.7.0 PTR Build 7
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