Death Penalty & Red Skulls (outlaws) are live!


Today a server-side release has gone live that brings some important functionality to the game, that is to say, dying in pvp combat just got a lot more impactful. From today the following death penalty changes are in effect:

  • Being killed by another player will now cause you to lose a minimum of 2.5% experience
  • Dying with a white skull will cause you to lose 7.5% experience
  • Being killed with a yellow skull by the player you attacked will cause you to lose 5% experience, this has changed so you now do not lose exp with a yellow skull if you are not killed by the person you attacked to give you the skull in the first place
  • Dying with a red skull will cause you to lose 15% experience
  • If you are killed by a player in your party and do not have a skull, you will not lose any experience
  • If you die to a monster and do not have a skull you will not lose ANY experience!!!11111oneoneone

In addition there is now a new outlaw system in the game. Every time you kill a player unjustly (i.e. they have no skull and you murder them) that unjust kill will be tracked against your character for 7 days. Killing party memebers does not count as an unjust killing. Killing more than 7 players in 7 days will result in you becoming an outlaw. Outlaws are marked with a red skull, and this skull will persist until you have 7 or fewer unjust kills tracked against your character.

For example:

  • If you kill 8 players unjustly on Monday, you would have those kills tracked against you for the next 7 days and the earliest you could lose your red skull would be the following Monday at the time you made your first unjust kill.
  • If you kill 1 player on Monday, then 7 players on Sunday, the tracked unjust kill against the first player will expire the following Monday so you will only have a red skull for one day, as once that kill expires you then no longer have more than 7 unjust kills and fall out of outlaw status.

So your outlaw status is calculated by a rolling window of 7 days. The client lets you know in local chat when you login and when you kill other players unjustly how many unjustified kills you have, as well as when your outlaw status will expire so it shouldn’t be a problem to avoid becoming an outlaw if you are a law abiding citizen 🙂

In addition, the following monsters have had their experience buffed:

  • Minotaurs
  • Sorcers, Demons and Hellhounds
  • Behemoths
  • Wasps
  • All outlaws
  • Shamblers

The following monsters have had their difficulty and experience significantly reduced:

  • Shadows

Finally, Behemoths have had their attack patterns changed so they now perform a physical AOE and an avoidable mana beam so Knights and Rangers have a good solo hunting option at that level to match Mages and Shamans hunting Revenants.


Death Penalty & Red Skulls (outlaws) are live!
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