Release 0.5.33

This release is going to be a rocky one due to Google ignoring my support requests for over a month now. Unfortunately due to how the google play console works we are going to have to jump to full releases now rather than staying in Alpha distribution, and unfortunately again due to how the release train works there are going to be several versions of the client landing today that are already out of date.

The server will be going down at around 1:30pm realm time, at this time the already out-of-date client updates will arrive on your android devices. You will need to wait until update 0.5.33 arrives on your device which unfortunately is the third update in the queue. For those of you that use the desktop client or apk directly from the website, you will be able to download these immediately.

Due to the length of time it takes to run some of the upgrade scripts that are migrating items from characters to accounts, the server should be back online around 5pm GMT.

Going live with a release and no longer being in Alpha means Mirage is now able to be rated in the play store… if you enjoy the game and want to support it now is a good time to go and give it a good rating.

I am sorry for how rocky this release is going to be, but to be frank, google really screwed me over here. Once this is out of the way I will once again be able to push updates which is kind of extremely important 🙂

  • The bank now has 100 slots rather than being based on capacity
    • This is raised to 250 if you have verified your email address
  • You can no longer chat in public channels if you have not verified your email address
  • LibGDX has been updated, keyboard support on samsung devices should now be improved
  • This is the first release from the new split-up codebase so err.. fingers crossed?
  • Android client releases are now using the production release train so the play store is open to ratings and such

See you on the other side!

Release 0.5.33
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