Release 0.5.34

It’s almost Christmas, and even better than that it’s almost January which means I am extremely close to working full time on the project woo! To celebrate all the things and give you a taste of what is to come, I thought it was about time we added some gameplay to this game.

Each class now has a unique spell that unlocks at level 10. Long term there will be many spells and you will be able to have several active at once, but in the spirit of Christmas I set out to see if I could get something working and give you all some new toys. Each class ability uses the elemental power of your weapon, in future this will be reflected on the spell icon but I was on a really tight schedule to get this through for Christmas so that can come later 🙂

Ranger – Volley
Fire 3 arrows in rapid succession, each arrow deals 66% attack power and can crit.
50 mana
5 second cooldown

Knight – Whirlwind
Swing your weapon 360 degrees dealing 150% damage to all enemies directly around you.
30 mana
5 second cooldown

Mage – Explosion
Unleash your equipped weapon’s energy in a targeted area of affect explosion dealing 100% weapon damage.
100 mana
5 second cooldown

There are a few things about the spells I think it is important to be clear about so here are some bullet points to make it easy to understand:

  • These spells use the elemental power of your weapon
  • They are usable in PVP
  • AOE abilities such as Whirlwind or Explosion interact with the skull system as you would expect
  • AOE abilities will hurt other players in PVP zones, even if they are in your party
    • In future you will be able to set your “PVP mode” so you can choose if you want your AOEs to hurt other players
  • These spells are unlockable at level 10, even if you have enough mana to use them before then
  • Spells are all on their own individual cooldowns

Other changes

But wait, there’s more! Firstly, a change that not everyone is going to like. This is a change I have been wanting to make for a long time and it will make the game feel a lot more hostile regardless of your level, it will feel familiar to people who have played Tibia.

  • You are now only able to successfully mitigate damage from 2 monster auto attacks per combat round

This means if you have more than 2 monsters auto attacking you, the damage from the 3rd+ monsters will ignore your armour and defence values. This is a balance measure to counter the new AOEs two of the classes have, and also to get rid of the common sight of players in low level areas half afk with 8 monsters attacking them in order to train their skills. I recently played through to level 30 on a character and this annoyed me so much. Here is a full list of changes with this update:

  • All three classes now have a new unique spell each unlocked at level 10
  • You are now only able to successfully mitigate damage from 2 monster auto attacks per combat round
  • Number of unique items carried is now limited to 150 slots (performance change)
  • Number of items offered in a trade is now limited to 10 (performance change)
  • Trade UI updated to communicate this limitation
  • Trade UI updated to make it more obvious you can offer no items in a trade
  • Fixes for stack indicators being clipped since LibGDX version upgrade
  • World font scale preference defaulted to 100% on PC
  • Fix for stack selector views on mobile jittering while you try and select a value
  • Client UI updated to include spell buttons, client hotkeys updated (now 1-5)
  • New characters start with 5 soulbound “weak potions”
  • Meats and potions are now hotkeyed on new characters
  • Festive treats now have a chance to drop from all monsters during December
  • The Angry Biscottsman now spawns once a week instead of once per 750 days (oops)
  • The bank will now only display the maximum number of items the bank can hold. If you have more items than the banks maximum capacity due to historically collecting too many, you will have to withdraw some of your other items then reload the bank to see them.

Of course, I am sure some of these changes will be unbalanced so everything is subject to change. Don’t panic 😉

See you all in the new year!

Release 0.5.34
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