Release v0.5.35a

Hello everyone! So it’s been a few days and it’s time for some fixes and bits and pieces before Christmas day 🙂

  • Many monsters are now wearing Christmas outfits! Big thanks to Magillus for putting these together for you all!
  • Equipment drops are now Christmas themed
  • Targeted AOE spells will not hit other players if the target is a monster
  • All spells now have a 6 second cooldown and cost 40 mana
  • Whirlwind has been replaced with Challenging Throw, a spell that will force the target monster to focus on you
  • While learning to throw axes Knights forgot how to throw Knives
  • Volley damage reduced by 16%
  • Spell incantations now display correctly
  • Resistances are now ignored when being hit by 3+ monsters
  • Lots of boring fixes 🙂
  • Server performance improvements

Merry Christmas!

Hotfix (a) released

  • Spell cooldowns are now correctly set at 6 seconds
  • Mana consumption for spells is now correctly set at 40
  • Challenging Throw now correctly hits for 150% attack damage
  • Fixes for broken challenging throw interaction on fleeing monsters
  • Challenging Throw now correctly uses the element of the equipped weapon
Release v0.5.35a
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