Release version 0.6.25

Hello everyone,

This is the proof-of-concept release for the World Map system woo 🙂 This is the bare bones minimum viable release for this feature but I wanted to get it out there asap to help you all find your way around. It is my plan to extend this system significantly to show you areas of interest, party members, and more.

The continent looks suspiciously familiar… come to think of it, what is this place called anyway?

You can…

  • See yourself marked as a little white cross
  • Zoom in and out
  • Go up and down through the world layers
  • Reset the map back to tracking you
  • Open / close it with M (desktop client only)
Tartarus should be much easier to find now 🙂

Please report any issues on the discord in #bugs_glitches. I know what some of you are thinking – can we have this as a minimap? The answer is yes, yes you can. I want to fill out the world map features a bit first before moving onto the minimap though so sit tight. I also want to implement fog-of-war for unexplored areas, this is something I will look at after the map has all of the other features I’d like and the minimap is implemented. Think of it as a cherry on top. I will now be moving on to tracking party members so you can watch your friends run around live on the map.

For now, unjoy your uninhibited view of the whole world 🙂


Release version 0.6.25
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