Version 0.6.32 released!

Hello everyone,

Bit of a rushed release a lot earlier than intended today, this fixes some unexpected behaviours in PVP combat and adds some new things.
Santa is giving naughty kids black skulls for christmas


  • Players will no longer receive a PVP combat lock for defending themselves
  • Killing skulled players unprovoked will now only result in a 60 second combat timer
  • Players can now engage in PVP combat when stacked up to a maximum of 5 on a square
  • Several PVP facing protection zones have had their entrances expanded
  • Red skulls now require 10 unjustified kills, up from 7
Never lose track of your party again


  • Party members are now shown in real time on the world map
  • Portals are now marked on the world map
  • Killing more than 20 players unjustly within a 7 day period will result in a black skull (30% tnl exp loss on death)


  • The spellbook now correctly checks PVP combat status as well as PVE
  • The logout warning prompt now checks PVP combat status as well as PVE

It wasn’t my intention to roll this update out today but unfortunately some players were found abusing mechanics to completely shut off an area of the game. The players they were blocking and killing had no mechanical way to escape or progress from this situation, while what they were doing was clever, this was clearly an instance of abuse. The offending players have been given very light punishments (ultimately it is the games fault afterall) and today’s PVP stacking mechanic changes are a direct response to this game weakness. I’ll be monitoring the situation closely to see if I need to make any further changes prior to christmas.

Cheers everyone,

Version 0.6.32 released!
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