Version 0.5.37 released!

If you are reading this it means I not only survived deploying the new server but it actually worked. Struth! The new hardware is an absolutely massive upgrade so I am hopeful we will see a reduction in the server melting with 400+ players online. That aside, I had a day to kill so I thought I’d address some bits and pieces that I know have been bothering people so in no particular order here are changes:

  • Wild Soldiers no longer change outfits to die
  • Rollback of christmas assets
  • Hunters remembered they should be carrying the missing Mage Glove drop not the Cape
  • Wasps started wearing Mage Capes since Hunters weren’t
  • Significant rebalance of Monster HP to EXP ratios. There is now a clear exponential EXP reward curve relative to HP, it is now always better to hunt the hardest monsters you can when pushing for pure EXP per hour. Many monsters have had their experience increased, some (ahem, orc berzerkers, orc mages) have been reworked completely.
  • Flat reduction in monster respawn time for all content past Abyss
  • New respawn mechanic where zones track how heavily hunted they are and dynamically adjust respawn rates based on how many mobs are dead at any given moment. This does not kick in until at least 25% of the monsters in a zone are dead, but once it kicks in it ramps up to increase respawn rates up to 75%
  • Heroes and Priestesses went to the doctor who told them they are weak to Poison
  • Heroes, Priestesses and Necromancers got a shipment of weapons so they will now drop slightly more frequently
  • Shamblers, Bloodseekers and Slimespitters had a hard winter and are now weak to Ice
  • The android client will now still work if you have the Play Store disabled on your device

See you ingame 🙂

Edit: Server-Side hotfixes deployed

  • Second iteration of monster HP to EXP ratios
  • Stronger enthasis on higher level zones rewarding higher experience
  • Orcs and Soldiers heal less frequently
  • /lag command added so you can check the framerate of the server
Version 0.5.37 released!
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