Version 0.5.38 released!

Hello everyone, in this patch I am testing out regeneration buffs based on stamina and spirit.

  • Every 50 stamina awards 1 extra point of health regeneration per 5 seconds
  • Every 50 spirit awards 1 extra point of mana generation per 5 seconds
  • The stats screen has been reworked, it still doesn’t look great but at least now it shouldn’t burn your eyeballs out
  • Further, fairly significant reworking of the EXP / HP ratio curve of Monsters

Any issues keep me updated on the discord 🙂

Edit: Server patch now live

  • HP significantly reduced on many monsters, EXP ratio has been kept the same though so although the exp will appear lower it will be exactly the same experience per hour you just need to kill more things 🙂

I feel like I need to explain this change a bit as people are just seeing the smaller EXP number and thinking this is some kind of nerf – it is not. This is a very big buff to the amount of loot people will be getting as drop rates are not changed, and it speeds up the gameplay significantly.

  • The ratio of EXP to HP has not changed for any monsters, this means…
  • If a monster had 100HP and rewarded 200EXP, and it changes to have 50HP after this update it will reward 100EXP
  • This means you can kill the monster twice as fast but you get half the exp you did previously
  • This means you would essentially get 100% more loot as you can kill 2 of the monsters in the same time
  • This also means if you spent 1 hour hunting and got say 100k exp, you will now also get 100k exp but you will have killed twice as many monsters
  • This is a really big buff in many ways

It is quite simple to understand 😛

Version 0.5.38 released!
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