Version 0.5.39 released!

Good morning everyone,

I attempted to do some remote profiling of the server today in the morning but by the time it got to midday there were a lot of people online and to progress I needed to restart it so I conceded to putting that off until tomorrow. Not to worry, I had an idea on Wednesday night to make loot more interesting, and I think with today’s changes you guys are going to be looting a lot more gear so the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

So, about secondary stat rolls on items…

Block, Crit and Accuracy have been removed from the pool of secondary stats on items. That means you will always get Stamina, Spirit, Defence or your Primary stat as a secondary roll on loot. I think the majority of players were disappointed when they got one of these stats in the secondary slot anyway so this is no big loss.

Instead, to try and re-introduce some much needed fun into looting gear there is now a third bonus stat roll that will always be added to gear as long as it qualified for a secondary stat roll! What bonus stats can you get? Well, let’s have a look…

  • Fortified (+1 Armour)
  • Empowered (+10% of primary and secondary stat roll)
  • +1 HP Regen
  • +1 Mana Regen
  • 2% Life Leech
  • 2% Potion Bonus
  • 3% Money Find
  • 2% Reflect
  • 1% Omni-Resist
  • +25% Max Nourishment
  • 2% Crit (Light Gear)
  • 2% Block (Heavy Gear)
  • 2.5% Accuracy (Medium Gear)

These bonuses can roll on all weapons, armour, and off-hand items. Some of them can even roll on rings and necklaces 🙂 I absolutely smashed it yesterday to get this all added. I’ve been pulling like 17 hour days all week so I am pretty exhausted to be honest, looking at how every zone has players in it and how happy the community is in general though… I’d say it’s been worth every minute – this is the best job ever! I actually was laying in bed last night thinking yay I can’t wait for sleep to be out of the way so my brain works again and I can code more stuff. Living the dream I tell you!

Hope you like it, see you ingame x

Edit: Server patch deployed

  • Currency drops are now calculated automatically based on monster strength
  • Reduced mana potion cost
  • Demons and Heroes now do not heal as frequently
Version 0.5.39 released!
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